Need to Know Tips for Your Cricut

Oct 26, 2016 By Jo-Ann
Need to Know Tips for Your Cricut

Hey there! I’m Amber, the blogger behind Damask Love.

I’m a Cricut girl through and through, and over the years, I’ve learned several quick tips for making the most of my machine.

For example, I’ve learned:

1. Keep your extra blades stored in your machine. There’s a little storage compartment on the bottom left. Otherwise, they have a way of going rogue and getting lost!

2. The scraper tool is also a great bone folder! Use it to create perfect creases and folds on your scored projects.

Damask Love Cricut

3. Keep a couple brand new cutting mats on hand for use with vinyl and iron-on materials. Since these materials have a plastic backing, they are much less damaging to your mats. By reserving a mat or two solely for vinyl and iron-on, you’ll prolong the life of your mat and you’ll always have a perfectly sticky mat for your vinyl and iron-on projects.

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