New Year’s Eve Cocktail Table, Glasses & Drinks

Dec 27, 2015 By Courtney O'Dell
New Year’s Eve Cocktail Table, Glasses & Drinks

I love New Year’s Eve. It is one of my absolute favorite nights to throw a party, and it’s always a great excuse to test new recipes and break out all the glittery gold and silver you can find!

This year, we’re going to have some friends over for a low key night, but I still plan to be festive!  I’m sharing this quick and easy drink and photo table, and a delicious cocktail and mocktail recipe sure to get your party going!

Glittery glasses are perfect to set the mood for a fun and intimate gathering. I wanted some easy and unique glasses- so I decided to quickly make my own with two simple methods that will help your party sparkle and shine (and they can be customized in any way you like!).

New Year's Eve Cocktail Table, Glasses & Drinks

I added a metallic sign that said “Cheers” over the drink table, and hung a small glittery Christmas ornament I had leftover from my Rustic Vintage Tree over my drink table to mimic the Times Square Ball. (Just hang with some thread or fishing wire for a floating look.)

I also set out my Fujifilm Instax mini (loaded with tons of film) and some metallic pens, and asked guests to grab a drink and take a photo. I love that JOANN carries the small cameras- they are so fun at parties! I always set them out with fun pens so guests can scribble down a memory after they take their snaps; it proves for an interesting night!

New Year's Eve Cocktail Table, Glasses & Drinks

I also added some leftover ornaments that didn’t look overly Christmas-y (gold and glitter are great multi-tasking ornaments- they can be used for parties all year long!), as well as some craft corks from the floral section!

I love how this little drink bar turned out! What will you be making to celebrate New Year’s?

DIY Glittered Glasses

New Year's Eve Cocktail Table, Glasses & Drinks

You’ll need:

● Cold Temp Hot Glue Gun or Double Sided Tape

● Glitter

● Glasses

There are two ways to make these glasses: either freehand with a glue gun, or with double sided tape. Both are easy, but if you don’t have great handwriting, you might want to opt for the double sided tape method.

For the tape method:

1. Adhere a ring of tape around the wine glass, and pour glitter over tape.

2. Shake off any excess glitter.

3. Remove tape when done. Do not place in dishwasher with tape.

4. You’re done!

For the Hot Glue Method:  

1. When glue is hot, write out swirls, sayings, or the year. It’s best to go one or two letters at a time.

2. Generously sprinkle glitter over glue.

3. Let set until cool.

4. Run under sink to remove any excess glitter.

5. Can be hand-washed – do not place in dishwasher.

New Year's Eve Cocktail Table, Glasses & Drinks

Cheers Drink Table Sign

 You’ll need:

● Small paper mache letters spelling “cheers” (or 2016, or any other saying)

● Martha Stewart Metallic Paints in gold, rose gold, silver, champagne

● Paint brush or sponge

1. Generously coat each letter in metallic paint, varying which letters get different colors.

2. Let dry at least 2 hours.

3. Set on table behind drinks!

Pomegranate Thyme Champagne or Juice Punch

New Year's Eve Cocktail Table, Glasses & Drinks

You’ll need:

● 3 oz pomegranate juice

● 3 oz champagne or sparkling white grape juice

● 1 oz saint gin OR club soda

● raspberries and thyme sprigs to garnish

● ice

1. Add ingredients to a glass, lightly stir.

2. Serve immediately!


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