Night Night Darling Girl, a Non-Quilter’s Baby Blanket

Feb 26, 2015 By Jessica Abbott
Night Night Darling Girl, a Non-Quilter’s Baby Blanket

Hello! Jess from The Sewing Rabbit here again! Not being a quilter, I usually shy away from sewing projects that require a lot of precision piecing, floor space, and of course….quilting. But when good friends of mine get pregnant, I know there is only one handmade sewing present that truly goes the distance. A baby blanket. They are some of my most cherished possessions, blankets that were given to my mother when I was born. And I watch my kids sleep every night on quilts that were given to them when they were born, knowing that they will hand those down to their children some day. Baby blankets are some of the most precious gifts we can give a new Mother. Which is why I wanted to share this DIY today. A quick and easy baby blanket, for the non-quilter.

Night Night, Darling Girl. A Non-Quilter’s Baby Blanket.
Beginner friendly.

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● 1 yd Quilting Cotton for Front
● 1 yd Quilting Cotton for Back
● ½ yd accent color of Quilting Cotton for Text
● Pellon 805 Wunder-Under
● 1 package of Cotton Batting for Baby Blanket
● 4.5 yds 2” Wide Single Fold Bias Tape
● Ruler
● Pen
● Basic Sewing Essentials


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Step One: Following the instructions on the back of the Wunder-Under packaging, iron the Wunder-Under onto the wrong side of your Accent Color fabric.

Step Two: Using a pen and ruler, sketch out your text onto the paper Wunder-Under back of your accent fabric. Make sure to draw your text BACKWARDS, so that when you cut it will be facing the right direction.

If needed, print out a large alphabet in a basic font, cut and trace.

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Step Three: Cut out accent fabric text. Following the instructions on the Wunder-Under packaging, peel away the paper backing and iron text onto the right side of your Front Quilt fabric.

If desired, sew around each letter for added security.

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Step Four: Place your Back fabric wrong side up on the floor. Lay your cotton batting on top of it, and smooth out all fabric to make sure there are no wrinkles. Cut off excess side edges of cotton batting all around.

Lay your Front fabric right side up on top of the batting, matching up all side edges. Once again, smooth out to make sure there are no wrinkles. Pin the layers together in numerous places to make sure the blanket doesn’t shift.

Grab your ruler and a fabric marker, draw straight lines down the entire length of your quilt. It is up to you how many lines you want to sew. I made mine approximately 7” apart in width. *Note – I skipped the fabric marker portion, and simply pinned nice straight lines all down the quilt exactly where I wanted to sew.

Following the fabric marker lines (or pins), sew straight lines down the entire length of your quilt.

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Step Five: Add the bias tape around the entire quilt edge. I made handmade bias tape using a beautiful quilting cotton found at my local JOANN Fabric & Craft Store.

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There is a fabulous machine binding tutorial that Nicole of the Sewing Rabbit team did, which can be found HERE.

And you are done!

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A fantastic handmade baby gift, perfect for baby showers or newborn presents, that will be loved for generations to come.

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