No Sew Princess Costume

Oct 6, 2015 By Courtney O'Dell
No Sew Princess Costume

My daughter always asks to dress up. She absolutely loves dress up time and always wants me to dress up with her. She’s been begging me to join her princess party and dress up like a ballerina princess for Halloween. I’m not a huge dress up fan, but I wanted to come up with something fun to dress up with my daughter that wouldn’t take too much time. I headed into JOANN for some sparkly tulle material, and some fun accessories – and this easy DIY Adult Princess Costume came together in no time!

No Sew Princess Costume
For most girls, a big puffy skirt is essential for a princess. I wanted something fun, puffy, and bright but I didn’t want to sew anything. I also wanted a bigger, longer tulle skirt than I have made before so it looked more like a giant ball gown than a ballerina’s tutu and a fun, drapey cape that I could tie taught to my shirt to look like a bodice or be draped over my shoulders like a cape.

I found some gorgeous lame (think lahhh-may, not lame) and used fabric bond to create a no-sew hem so it didn’t fray at the edges such an easy way to get a clean, slick look without the fuss of sewing.

To make your own princess costume, you’ll need:

4 yards each of glitter tulle fabric in aqua, pink, white, and fuchsia
● 1” foldover elastic
● scissors
2 yards gold lame fabric
Aileens Ok-to-wash fabric bond
● Plastic Wand
● Shirt and leggings to go under costume

To make the skirt:

Step 1. Start by using a measurement from around your waist to get the length of your ribbon.

Step 2. Add an additional 10 inches of length to the ribbon to create a tie for the finished tutu.

Step 3. Lay out all your tulle, and cut each vertically into strips that are 8-10 inches wide.

Step 4. For a tutu that is a bit more flat, use thinner strips.

Step 5. The number of strips you cut will vary depending on how wide your waist measurement is and how thickly they are being cut.

No Sew Princess Costume
Step 6.
Take each strip of tulle and fold it in half, creating a loop on one end and leaving tails on the other end.

Step 7. Lay the folded strip of tulle on top of the foldover elastic with only a small amount of the loop end sticking out over the top.

Step 8. Fold the tail ends under the ribbon and pull them through the loop tightly, creating a knot over the ribbon.

Step 9. Work around your skirt until it is full.

Step 10. Fluff tulle for the full effect, and tie ends of foldover elastic together to close your skirt.

To Make the Cape:

Step 1. Lay out lame fabric, and trim 10” or so off the bottom (this depends on your height – I am quite tall, so I only trimmed a bit off).

Step 2. Fold 1” of fabric in on itself around all the edges and secure with OK to Wash Fabric Bond. This will give you a clean hem without sewing!

Step 3. Let dry completely. You now have a pretty cape you can drape over your shoulders (add a button or pretty pin to secure on if you like – I love adding elements from the bridal section of JOANN stores because they look pretty and elegant like a princess would wear). You can also wrap the lame fabric tightly around your body and tie in the back with a bow to get a cute bodice look! I just slip the “bodice” over a plain white shirt, and I’m sure to wear leggings under my tutu-ballgown.

Step 4. Top with accessories, and you’re set!

Step 5. I haven’t been able to find my fabric form since moving, but I did use one of our garden statues to help me model the costume. How cute did this turn out? It’s a fun way to dress up and match my daughter, and it was so easy to make!

No Sew Princess Costume

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