Pinecone Garland Door Wreath

Nov 1, 2015 By Merrick White
Pinecone Garland Door Wreath

Hi there! It’s Merrick from Merrick’s Art, and since we’re now officially out of Halloween season, it’s time to get working on some Thanksgiving decorations! I have a fun and simple door wreath tutorial today that will spice up your door in no time.

Pinecone Garland Door Wreath
Here’s what you’ll need:

grapevine wreath
fall leaves (they sell them individually in packages, or on a branch in the floral section)
gold branches or other sparkly decorative branches
mini pinecones
mod podge
gold glitter
twine or string
hot glue
wire cutters

Step 1. Using wire cutters, cut your leaves off of the branch in bunches or individually. If you’re doing individual, hot glue them onto your wreath form. If you’re doing bunches, stuff the branch down into the wreath to secure it in place.

Continue doing this until the wreath is covered as much or as little as you’d like. I chose to cover about ⅓ of it.

Step 2. Once the leaves are in place, add in a few sparkly branches to add dimension and variety.

Pinecone Garland Door Wreath
Step 3.
Pour a little pool of mod podge onto a paper plate and sprinkle a little pile of gold glitter onto another paper plate. One by one, dip each pinecone into the glue, rolling them around to cover the tips of each pinecone scale. Then, roll into the glitter until all the glue is covered. Shake off excess and lay upright to dry.

Step 4. Once your leaves and branches on your wreath are in place and secure and your pinecones are dry, take your pinecones and string them along a piece of twine or other string (I used embroidery thread because it’s what I had on hand). The easiest way is to pump hot glue into the side of the pinecone and then lay the string inside, pushing it as far back as it can go. Repeat for the other pinecones until they’re all strung on the string.

Step 5. Tie the ends of the pinecone string to the branches of the wreath and you’re done! Now all that’s left is to hang it up!

Pinecone Garland Door Wreath

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