Pixel Pumpkin Quilt

Sep 22, 2015 By Jessica Abbott
Pixel Pumpkin Quilt

Pixel all the things. We are pixel crazy up in here, and I am loving it. Ever since I saw the Ron Swanson pixel quilt by Happy Zombie, I have been itching to make my own pixel quilt. And while I may not want an entire FACE on my quilt (as awesome as Ron Swanson is – lol), I did want something fun and achievable. Like say… a pixel pumpkin for Halloween and Thanksgiving. That is way more my speed.

Pixel Pumpkin Quilt – with free pattern

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time Needed: Weekend project

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You can turn any drawing into a pixel quilt pattern using this free software offered by Victoria and Albert Museum. Visit their online patchwork pattern maker to get started! Click HERE.


  • Pumpkin Quilt Pattern, Click HERE.
  • 10 quilting cotton fabrics to match the shades
  • Quilt batting
  • Quilting cotton for back
  • Basic sewing essentials


Quilt front:

  • (A) Kona white (prepared for dying)
  • (B) Made in America – tan
  • (C) Country Classics – tan
  • (D) Country Classics – copper
  • (E) Made in America – cream
  • (F) Country Classics – vineyard green
  • (G) Made in America – orange
  • (H) Made in America – brown
  • (I) Country Classics – hunter green
  • (J) Kona – basil green

Quilt back:

  • Autumn inspirations fabric – harvest foxy forest

Quilt binding:

  • Orange mini floral


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Step One:
Determine the size quilt you would like to make, as well as the square size needed, in order to achieve your desired quilt size.  As instructed in the pattern, cut out the appropriate number of squares from the fabric chosen. Be sure to include seam allowance when you are doing the math.

My finished quilt is approximately 44” x 44”, and I used 3” squares with a ½” seam allowance for the sake of mathematical ease.

To help keep track of the color chart and my squares, I labeled the top of each pile with the corresponding letter from the pattern.

Photo 7
Step Two:
Once you have cut out all of your squares, following the pattern diagram, sew the squares right sides together to make each row. Press each row when finished, making sure you open all of the seams.

Label each row when finished, as per the quilt diagram, to keep them in order.
Photo 8
Step Three:
When you have completed sewing all of your rows individually, sew the row’s right sides together until you have the completed quilt top. Press seams open.

If desired, sew more white rows along the sides or top and bottom to enlarge your image until you reach your desired quilt size.

Step Four: Once you have your quilt top, you can finish the quilt as desired!  Add a middle layer of batting and the quilt back – quilt together following your pixel seam lines as a guide – and add a binding around the edge to complete.

And you are finished!

Photo 9

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