Plastic Pumpkin Stand DIY

Sep 29, 2015 By Jessica Abbott
Plastic Pumpkin Stand DIY

Make your plastic pumpkin the centerpiece of any Halloween display with this easy pumpkin stand craft DIY. With no-carve pumpkins being all the rage, we are loving decorating these plastic pumpkins with our favorite craft trends. After all, you can display these pumpkins year after year which makes them economical and cute!

So let’s help showcase your adorable plastic pumpkin, by really making them the center of your Halloween decor. Look Halloween chic, for half the cost.

Plastic Pumpkin Stand – Halloween Decor Craft DIY

Skill Level: Beginner
Time Needed: Overnight project

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● Large plastic tray
● Black paint & paintbrush
● Mod Podge
● 2 small plastic pumpkins
● 1 balloon weight
● Hot glue

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Step One: Make sure your plastic tray is clean and dry. Paint nice, even strokes with the black paint and paintbrush. Allow to fully dry.

Step Two: Coat with a layer of mod podge and allow to fully dry. Set aside.

Step Three: Unwrap the bottom of the balloon weight base and set wrapper aside.

Step Four: Strip the balloon weight from any extra ‘decorations’ it might have. Leaving just the thick, sturdy wire in the middle. Rewrap the base if desired.

Step Five: Remove the pumpkin stem by gently pulling. If it does not easily pull out, cut off with a sharp knife. Push the center of the pumpkin through the balloon weight wire, making sure to keep it center as you push the wire all the way through the top of the pumpkin.

Step Six: Repeat for second pumpkin.

Step Seven: Curve the top of the wire over the second pumpkin, trying to get the wire as flat as possible. If desired, use a little hot glue in between the pumpkins and balloon weight to help secure.

Step Eight: Turn the plastic tray upside down, and hot glue the very center of your tray around in circles. Firmly secure the top of the pumpkin stand to the bottom of the tray and allow to dry.

And you are finished!

Display your plastic pumpkins with pride!

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