Quick DIY Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Feb 12, 2017 By Bev McCullough
Quick DIY Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only a day away but it’s not too late to put together some fun gifts and decor for the big day! Whether your sweetheart is a travel buff, your kiddos, a girlfriend or you just want to make a family gift for everyone to share, we’ve got you covered with these Five 5-Minute Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas!

Each of these ideas takes just a few supplies and with a few minutes of time, you have a fun and creative gift or a pretty piece of wall art that is perfect for Valentine’s day – but cute enough to leave up year round too!

This “Love” Wood Wall Art is super easy to make and would make a great addition to a gallery wall or family photo display.

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● Stained Wood Plaque (available in-stores)
Unfinished Wood “Love” phrase
Paper Bunting
Folk Art Craft Paint
Brush, Hot Glue

1. Paint front and sides of the wooden word with craft paint.

2. Drape the bunting along the top of the wood plaque and check the length. Mark the place where you’d like the bunting to attach to the wood.

3. Using hot glue, attach the bunting and the wood phrase to the plaque.

4. Show off your cute new wall art!

diy vday ideas

These cute flannel hand warmers are perfect for keeping little hands warm! They’re made of soft flannel and they’re so cozy! You can have a lot of fun with different flannel prints too!

diy vday ideas

1/4″ yard of flannel
● 1 cup of rice
Matching thread
Pinking Shears
Sewing Machine

1. Draw a heart shape out on paper to use as a pattern. Cut out 2 pieces of flannel for each hand warmer you’d like to make.

2. Place the heart pieces wrong sides together. Sew around the edge with a 3/8″ seam allowance, leaving an opening of about 1″ on the side.

3. Fill the heart with rice. You don’t want it completely full – it should feel similar to a beanbag.

4. Push the rice back from the opening and sew the edge closed.

5. Trim around the heart with pinking shears.

6. Repeat for as many hand warmers as you’d like.

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If you have a good friend or neighbor on your gift list, these little Heart Hoop Art Coasters make a fun decoration! They are simple to make – I think they kind of look like conversation hearts!

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For each Coaster you’ll need:
● 4″ wood embroidery hoop (available in-stores)
● 6″ piece of red gingham
Colored felt
DMC Pearl cotton
Embroidery needle
Cork coasters
Hot glue

1. Place your fabric in the hoop. Trace a heart that measures about 3″ and cut out the heart from felt.

2. Stitch the felt to the gingham with a running embroidery stitch.

3. Trim the fabric around the edge and glue the fabric to the inside of the hoop.

4. Trim the coaster so it fits inside the wood embroidery hoop. Place it inside, then finish the back of the hoop with a circle of felt.

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Do you and your sweetheart love to travel? Or maybe you just love your hometown? This Heart Map frame is the perfect way to remember a fun vacation or even show a little love for your own city. It takes just a few minutes to put together too!

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Home Decor Frame – this one has a 4″ opening but really any small frame will work
Map Piece
Red DMC Pearl Cotton
Large Embroidery Needle

1. Cut the map piece so the paper is the size of your frame opening, with the city you want to show off centered in the middle.

2. Make a heart pattern just a little larger than the city and trace the heart lightly onto the map.

3. With your embroidery needle, pierce the paper at regular holes to make the stitching easier.

4. Stitch a heart around the city with a running stitch. Don’t knot the thread on the back or you’ll have a little bump. You can weave the thread through the stitches on the back, or hold it down with a little tape.

5. Remove the glass (so you can see your cute stitching) and place the map in the frame.

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Our last project is perfect for the whole family! One of my favorite things to do is look back on memories of the year, but I don’t always remember the fun little everyday things. This One Happy Memory box is full of little cards that you can use to jot down a happy thought or activity from each day. It can be something big like a vacation memory or photo or something small like a funny story or joke one of the kids told. Then at the end of the year, you have a whole box of memories to read through!

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Small Craft Storage Box
● 3 sets of Blank Project Life Cards
Project Life Confetti Chipboard Set

1. Choose the stickers to decorate the front and top of the box.

2. Place the blank cards and the remaining stickers in the box. A few pens to take notes with would be great too.

3. To use the box, write down a happy thought or activity at the end of each day on the cards. You can make it a family activity, or even take turns so family members can write down different notes or share photos.

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There are so many fun ideas here – I hope you found a fun project to make for Valentine’s Day!

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