Quick and Easy Nautical Party Set

Jul 21, 2015 By Courtney O'Dell
Quick and Easy Nautical Party Set

Summer has been flying by this year, but I am so glad there is still a few precious months of warm weather, fun in the sun, and time to break out all my favorite summer party ideas to enjoy with friends and family. Summer crafting is so fun for me, because I love to use bright colors, simple patterns, and incorporate lots of fun themes- this Stenciled Nautical Party Set is not only quick and easy- but so cute to display at a party or on the beach or a boat!

Nautical party set- such a cute and fun summer craft!

To make this set, you’ll need:
A plain wood tray
Martha Stewart Nautical Stencil Pack
Martha Stewart Paint in navy blue, light blue, bright red and white
Two small Darice buckets- red and blue
Martha Stewart Stencil Pouncers
Large paper straws

This is a fun and easy way to make a nautical themed party set!

To start:

First, we need to paint the tray. This step is optional- the tray does look quite nice on it’s own- but I wanted a crisp contrast between colors, so I went for white paint.
Let tray dry.

Next, sort through your stencils and pick out some you’d like to use on your glasses and buckets. I like to lay my stencils out over my project before painting so I can be sure they will work on the space and they aren’t too big, or the surface isn’t too curved for the design.

Holding the stencil down carefully, paint on the buckets and glasses by dipping the pouncer in paint, wiping a little off, and then dabbing it over the stencil. I found too much paint on the pouncer leads to stencil bleed-throughs.

Let glasses and buckets sit- to “cure” glasses, let dry one hour. Place in cool oven and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Turn off oven and let cool completely. This will keep the paint from coming off during use. While this should withstand the dishwasher, I always wash by hand to be sure.

I love this cute stenciled anchor party set!

Finally, I added a light rope detail to the bottom of the tray by using the thin rope stencil with some light blue paint. When everything is dry, it’s time to add accessories and party! I like to use the buckets as a cute display for straws and napkins- or even party snacks! This cute set is so adorable, and easy to make before your next trip to the beach, the lake, or just your back yard this summer!

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