Sew, Sip and Repeat Blanket

Feb 14, 2018 By Jessica Abbott
Sew, Sip and Repeat Blanket

For someone who doesn’t sit in front of a sewing machine very often, or perhaps never, sewing might seem boring or one dimensional. But for those of us who know, it is anything but. Sewing can be therapy, it can be skill building, it can be simple task accomplishment, it can be art, and more. It all depends on your mood, and oftentimes stage of life.

When I had younger kids, I was focused on quick, beginner level projects that could be completed in a naptime. As they got older, my focus shifted to more skill building. And as they get older still, time intensive projects that yield deeper fulfillment are occupying my sewing table. These projects are done in blessed solitude, or with creative friends over a margarita. Sew. Sip. Repeat.

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Stripe & Snip Blanket

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Materials from JOANN:

● 1.5 yds Fleece fabric, color 1

● 1.5 yds Fleece fabric, color 2

● 1.5 yds Fleece fabric, color 3

● 2 Spools coordinating thread

● Rotary cutter / fabric scissors

● Precision Fabric scissors

● Pins

● Ruler

● Fabric marker / chalk

● Ball point sewing needle 100/16

● Sewing machine

● *Highly recommended – walking foot


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1. Lay the fleece fabric on a flat, clean surface and smooth out any wrinkles. Repeat with all layers, making sure you have the front, middle and back where you want. Pin together in various spots to avoid shifting.

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2. Using a ruler and fabric marker or chalk, Draw straight lines across 7” apart from one another along the entire length of fabric from selvage to selvage. Sew along these lines.

3. Once again using a ruler and fabric marker or chalk, draw straight lines across at a 90 degree angle from your other lines, 7” apart from one another, from top to bottom. This will create a ‘grid-like’ pattern. Sew. Cut off excess fabric around the edges if needed.

4. Sew around the entire outer edge of your fabric, ¼” away from the edge.

5. Inside each square, sew a set of parallel lines 1” away from each other. In one square the lines should go from left to right, and in the corresponding square next to it, the lines should go from top to bottom. Repeat this process until the entire blanket and all of the grids are sewn.

Sew. Sip. Repeat.

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Sewing tip:
When sewing with various layers of fleece fabric, a walking foot helps keep the fabric from shifting while sewing. Be sure to gently pull the fabric while sewing to help smooth out the fleece fabric and eliminate any wrinkles on the back side of your blanket. Furthermore, for help sewing the lines 1” apart from one another in each square – use the walking foot guide!

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Now that you are finished sewing all of the grids, here comes the fun part! Now that you are finished sewing all of the grids, here comes the fun part!

6. Using a pair of precision tipped scissors, like these Fiskars total control scissors, carefully pull up the top layer of your blanket and cut a small hole in the top fabric. (Don’t worry about cutting through the second layer. The fleece is thick, so as long as you aren’t shoving the fabric into the scissors – you shouldn’t have a problem. On this entire quilt, I never once accidentally cut the second layer.)

7. Once you have a small hole cut, insert your scissor tips into the fabric, separating the top and middle layer. Cut a straight line down the middle, in between both sewn lines on each grid. Repeat for every square until you are done!

Sip. Snip. Repeat.

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While this process might take a weekend, the results are fun and full of color! Giving you a soft and multi-dimensional blanket that anyone would love to cuddle up with.

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