Share Your Love

Jan 31, 2015 By Angela Mandala
Share Your Love

Hi friends! Angela, here.

Disclosure: I’m typically not a sap, but I am about to get all kinds of Valentine’s Day sappy on ya!

When our inspiration team asked my fiancé and me to be a part of their Share Your Love Valentine’s Day video, I have to admit I hesitated. Not so much on my end, but for my fiancé. I thought, “He’s a guy, he doesn’t want to get all lovey dovey on camera.” Well, I was wrong, and he actually did.

This shoot made us reflect on what we love so much about one another. It was such an awesome experience that was much needed during the high-stress time of wedding planning. It really made us remember why we’re together in the first place.

Our inspiration team also interviewed a handful of other people ranging from cute little kids to couples who have been together for over 45 years. They all graciously shared what love is to them and why it is so important. Each story melted my heart.

After watching the completed video, I was a ray of emotion. I called every. single. person that I love and told them how much they mean to me. This video truly inspired me to share my love. Whether it’s with my fiancé, my mom, my sister or my girlfriends, I am going to take more time to tell them how amazing they are and how my life would not be the same without them.

So, how will you be sharing your love this Valentine’s Day? Post in the comments below or share on social! Be sure to tag @joann_stores on Twitter and Instagram so I can check it out!

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