Sparkling Holiday Mantel Decor

Dec 13, 2015 By Courtney O'Dell
Sparkling Holiday Mantel Decor

Decorating a mantel (or a large bay window if your mantle isn’t really usable/you don’t have a mantel) for Christmas can be tricky.

I love to have tons of holiday themed items and a lot of cheer – but I tend to overdo it and make a giant mish-mash of items that end up looking cluttered.

This year, I wanted to add sleek, stylish decorations to our bay window area (which I use as an impromptu mantel), with lots of frosty whites, silvers, some soft mixed metals, and plenty of shimmery glitter. I absolutely love how the design turned out!

Sparkling Holiday Mantel Decor

In this mantel setup:

● Glittery Town Buildings
● Glittered Deer
● Noel Light Up Wood Sign
● Battery Operated Light Up Copper-detailed bottles and jar
● Driftwood Trees
● Bottle Brush Trees with silver globes

To make my display, I tried to keep things symmetrical with a twist: I added different sized trees that were the same pattern to each side. I also picked a few vintage-inspired town buildings that had the same coloring and treatment, but had different and unique shapes, to make the design symmetrical without being too matchy-matchy.

Sparking Holiday Mantel Decor

I tried to keep all of my decor choices either white, rose gold, silver or soft gold so that I could pick out a lot of different styles and items without having everything clash. It’s always handy to pick a theme or a color palate so you don’t end up with a random explosion of Christmas stuff and helps it look sleek, organized, elegant and glamorous – on a budget!

Sparking Holiday Mantel Decor

This year, instead of going with a set theme, I went with a very sleek and wintery color palate and then went wild picking items that fit my design. I mixed up lots of patterns, textures, and colors inside my set palate, and I absolutely love how it turned out!

Sparking Holiday Mantel Decor

One of my favorite additions to this look are these tiny bottle brush tree cloches that I made in about 1 minute each. They are so simple, and so adorable! I had to share how I made them (in a way that they won’t spill over constantly, even if they get bumped –which in a house with two toddlers and a great grandma who uses a walker is BOUND to happen!)

Sparking Holiday Mantel Decor

Mini Tree Cloche

You’ll need:

● Small cloche (next to the make your own ornaments in the Christmas décor aisles)
● Medium cloche
Various sized bottle brush trees
● Cold Temp Hot Glue Gun

For the small cloche:

Open cloche and add in two of the smallest size trees. Add a dot of hot glue to the base of each tree, and glue them to the pedestal of the cloche. Close cloche and display.

For the large cloche:  repeat, but with one medium sized tree and two small trees (whatever fits best).

Gluing these isn’t totally necessary if you are going to be placing them on a mantel – but on a shelf where they are close by and can be brushed against, it helped me make sure they didn’t open up and have trees go flying everywhere. Also, it helped keep my kids’ little hands away from them!

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