Sparkly, Rose Gold New Year’s Eve Party

Jan 2, 2018 By Emily Miller
Sparkly, Rose Gold New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and it’s never too early to start planning! Emily here from B. Lovely Events and today I have some really fun, yet chic New Year’s Eve ideas to help you throw a fabulous New Year’s Eve Party. New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays of the year and I love doing something special for it and throwing a party for my family and friends. There are some really easy projects and details you can to help you ring in the New Year and JOANN has everything you need to pull it all together.

I pulled from all of my favorite party trends like metallic rose gold and geometric details to style this party. From cupcakes with ball drop toppers to photo booth props, champagne favors and a gorgeous geometric themed tablescape, I’ll take you through all of the steps for each project to throw a fabulous sparkly rose gold New Year’s Eve party!

New Year’s Eve Cupcakes

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (11)

These cupcakes are all about New Year’s Eve celebrations. I added these cute ball drop cupcake toppers and 2018 decorations to help ring in the new year. They are fun and so easy to put together.

Here is what you need:

• Your favorite Cake Mix

Wilton Decorating Icing

Wilton Black Sugar Sheets

Wilton Gold Sugar Sheets

Wilton Gold Baking Cups

Cupcake Pan

Sequin silver ball floral pick

Electronic Cutting Machine  such as a Cricut

Standard Cutting Mat

Wire Cutters

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (2)Let’s Get Baking!

Step 1: Make your favorite cake mix. Add the gold cupcake liners to the cupcake pan and pour the batter into each cup, filling about ¾ of the way to allow room for rising. Set them in the oven and bake to the directions of your cake mix.

Step 2: Check the cupcakes with a toothpick for doneness. Once done, let cupcakes fully cool before icing.

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (4)

Step 3: While cooling, design and cut your sugar sheets. You will want to cut 2 ½ inch circles from the black sugar sheet. In the Cricut design space, you will click add shape and select circle. Dial the machine to vinyl and place the sugar sheet with back on the cutting mat. The sheets come pre packaged with the plastic backing so you can easily put it on a cutting mat and keep your sheets safe. Cut the circles from the sheet.

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (3)
Step 4: Remove the excess black sugar sheet from your cutting mat. Place excess in the resealable packaging it comes in for future projects. Place the gold sheet on the cutting mat. Back in the design space, click add text and type out 2018. Duplicate the text for however many you need. Keep the machine on the vinyl setting, load the mat and hit cut.

Step 5: Once cut, weed out the letters from the sugar sheet. With each letter, wet the back, and place on the black circle. Once dry, the letters will be secure.

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (8)

Step 6: Take the Wilton icing bag and with your desired tip, ice the top of the cooled cupcakes. I choose to do a swirl with the star tip.

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (5)

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (7)

Step 7: Take the sparkle ball floral picks and remove the balls from them with a wire cutter. Leave about 2-3” on the stem.

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (10)

Step 8: Now it’s time to top your cupcakes. Put the sequin glitter floral pick in the middle of the cupcake, leaving about 1” of stem to help create the ball drop effect. Take the sugar sheet, 2018, and gently place it on top of the top of the cupcake. Press down to secure. After all the cupcakes have a topper, they are ready to eat! Display them on your favorite cake stand and you have a dessert that guests will love to eat!

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (9)

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (13)

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (12)

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (21)

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (16)

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (20)

New Year's Eve Cupcakes (19)

Add in some cute New Year’s Eve plates to serve sure them on and you’ll guests will be even more impressed with the whole set up.

New Year’s Eve Photo Booth & Photo Props

New Year's Eve Photo Booth (15)

Your New Year’s Eve party is already going to be fun, but having a photo booth just escalates it to a new level. With the help of a few DIY props, a beautiful backdrop and a camera, your guests will be ready for to say cheese in no time!

Here is what you need:

• JOANN has some gorgeous fabric. To stick with the rose gold theme that for this New Year’s party, I selected this lovely rose gold sequin fabric and got 2 yards of it.

Paper Lanterns

2 Cricut Foil Paper Samplers you will need the gold & rose gold from this set

Black Cardstock


Electronic Cutting Machine such as a Cricut

Assorted Plates

Hot Glue & Glue Gun

DIY Photo Props

These DIY paper plate photo props are so cute and they are easy on the budget. Follow along this tutorial I did earlier this year to make your very own set of paper plate photo props!

In addition to the paper plate photo props, I also made these New Year’s photo booth signs to tie into the occasion.

In the Cricut design space, they have different photo booth props you can purchase & cut. I think the Cheers and the Happy New Year pattern is perfect!

Cricut Photo Props

Use black, gold and rose gold paper for your signs. Any combination of the 3 is lovely. The design is self guided as well so it is really easy to make!

New Year's Eve Photo Booth (8)
Once cut, secure a straw to the sign with hot glue to make a holder for it.

New Year's Eve Photo Booth (11)
They are super cute!

New Year's Eve Photo Booth (12)

New Year's Eve Photo Booth (13)

New Year's Eve Photo Booth (14)

New Year's Eve Photo Booth (18)

Add them to the rest of your props and let your guests enjoy! Noise makers and party hats are perfect to put here and have guests use.

Setting up the booth

You will first want to scout what wall you want to set up the photo booth. You will want one that is well lit, easy to find and has a good amount of space for people to easily get in and out of.

First, take your sequin rose gold fabric and hang it on the wall with some push pins.

Then, pick out some gold foil paper from the Cricut sampler. You will cut stars from these. You can either use a template and trace them, or for a more painless way, cut out stars from the paper with the Cricut. If you choose to go with the Cricut, click the add shapes button in the design space. Make them as large or small as you want.

Once the stars are cut out, add packing tape to the back of them and secure them to the fabric.

New Year's Eve Photo Booth (2)

Then, set up the paper lanterns on the ground at the bottom of the booth. These add some dimension to your booth and a darling detail.

Next, hang up your favorite Happy New Year’s Banner. I love this gold foil one I have had for years and bring out every year.

New Year's Eve Photo Booth (5)

Then, add a small table to the side of the backdrop to hold your party props, signs and hats.

Set up a camera on a tripod or on a table or desk in front of the booth and your booth is ready to go! You can have someone man the camera or set it with a 10 second timer. Both work great!


New Year's Eve Photo Booth (1)

New Year’s Eve Favors

Next, you’ll want to get your New Year’s Eve party favors ready. Since New Year’s Eve is a great time to pop the bubbly, I like to send my guests home with a little bubbly of their own.

New Years eve Champagne favors (1)

For this project, you will just need:

• Mini Champagne Bottles

Krylon metallic white copper or just metallic copper spray paint

Holiday Floral Picks– For added flair to the champagne

• Latex gloves

• Paper Towels

• Tape

Rose gold washi tape

• Newspaper or drop cloth to spray paint on

• Pop, Fizz, Clink tags or your favorite New Year’s Eve Tags

New Years Eve DIY

You will first want to locate an area that is well ventilated and has a smooth surface to put down a drop cloth or newspaper to spray on.

Then, soak the champagne bottles in hot soapy water for about 30 minutes to remove the labels off of them. Dry thoroughly with a towel.

Next, cover the tops of the champagne bottles with a paper towel secured by tape. You will want to cover the entire neck of the bottle.

Then, put gloves on and spray the bottom of the bottles with the rose gold spray paint.

*Leave the spray paint station out as we will be using in another project for our New Year’s Eve tablescape!

New Years eve Champagne favors (2)

Let fully dry. It should take about 30min. Then, tie on your favorite New Year’s Eve tags to the bottles.

Once tags are on, take the holiday floral picks, (I choose one that had bells and elegant silver balls!) and attach it to the back of the bottles with rose gold washi tape. I love this one from Ms. Sparkle & Co that has a pretty damask design on it.

New Years eve Champagne favors (3)

They are ready to give out! A great place for these is right by the cupcakes you made earlier so everyone can see them when they go in for their New Year’s treat. You can also set them up on their own table close to the door for people to grab before they head out.

New Years eve Champagne favors (4)

New Years eve Champagne favors (6)

New Years eve Champagne favors (5)

New Years eve Champagne favors (7)

New Year’s Eve Tablescape

You will really wow your guests with this sparkly rose gold New Year’s Eve Tablescape. There are so many intricate details that your guests will love. It really brings the rose gold look to a whole new level and is the perfect theme to help ring in the New Year in a magical way!

New Year's Eve Tablescape (7)

There are a few DIY projects that I want to take you through first before we go over all of the lovely décor pieces you can get from Jo-Ann Stores. These projects are quick, easy and really had that pizzazz to the table.

Geometric Rose Gold Votive Candle Holders

I picked up these chic geometric votive candle holders. They come in all different geometric shapes and sizes which I love. Geometric décor is very trendy and is a great way to bring in a modern touch to your decorations.  They are great on their own, but to coordinate the best with the theme of the table, I knew they needed a little rose gold paint.

New Years Eve DIY votives

Bring these to your spray paint station that you set up for your favors. You will want to make sure they are fully cleaned off of dust or any particles before you spray them with the Krylon metallic white copper.

Put your gloves on again and spray the entire candle holder from top to bottom. I found I bot best results when I held candle holder on the bottom and sprayed all the way around before placing it on the drop cloth to dry.

DIY Rose Gold Votive Candle

Once completely dried, which takes about 30 min to an hour, you can put these beautiful gold votive candles in them. Together, they have such a statement.

DIY Rose Gold Votive Candles 1

You will place these all along the middle of your table. The glow that these bring to the table is gorgeous.

New Year’s Eve Centerpiece

New Year's Eve Tablescape (5)

This New Year’s Eve Centerpiece is sparkly and bright. Exactly what a New Year’s Party should be all about! With a few easy steps, you can put together this pretty piece in no time.

Here is what you need:

• 4 Silver Glitter leaf bushes

• 2 Gold Glitter leaf bushes

• 2 Rice Light Jars

• Rose Gold Washi Tape

• 6 AA Batteries

New Years Eve Centerpiece (2)

First, you will want to put the batteries into the rice jars. The jars come with built in tiny lights that are seriously too cute and will really help make this centerpiece shine.

Then, you will want to take off all of the tags on the branches. Then, put one silver branch leaning to the left inside the vase.

New Years Eve Centerpiece (3)

Follow this up by putting a gold branch in the middle of the vase.

New Years Eve Centerpiece (4)

Then, add in a final silver branch to the right side of the branch.

New Years Eve Centerpiece (5)

New Years Eve Centerpiece (6)

Finish off the look by adding 2 strips of rose gold washi tape to the bottom of the jar.

New Years Eve Centerpiece (1)

Place these on each side of your table. I love the height they bring to the table as well as the sparkle. It really makes for a gorgeous New Year’s Eve centerpiece on this table.

New Year's Eve Tablescape (13)

Now to the tablescape details!

New Year's Eve Tablescape (14)

Isn’t this tablecloth just phenomenal? The triangle geometric pattern with the rose gold sequins is fabulous. This is the most lovely fabric that I got from Jo-Ann Stores and placed over the table as a table cloth.

New Year's Eve Tablescape (3)

Jo-Ann has these wonderful geometric antiqued stars that coordinate well and bring that magical starty night feeling to the table. They also have these lovely glitter antler picks that bring that added sparkle to the table. They add this natural dimension that I love too.

New Year's Eve Tablescape (10)

I also added these gold square votives to the table to further add to the geometric theme. Added rose gold bells made a festive detail to house the votive candle inside.

New Year's Eve Tablescape (12)

I transformed this star tree topper to be the main focal point of the tablescape. The sparkly design and ribbon detail is perfect New Year’s Eve.

New Year's Eve Tablescape (9)

The rose gold geometric votive candle holders we made look gorgeous on the table and add that soft glow to the table.

New Year's Eve Tablescape (4)

Each place setting had this lovely sparkly rose gold poinsettia detail on them which is so darling. Gold chargers and confetti plates made for fun yet chic look. To top it all off, a satin linen napkin overlayed the entire look. Fun roman numeral charms were added to each napkin to bring the whimsical element of the new year’s clock to the table.

New Year's Eve Tablescape (11)

New Year's Eve Tablescape (8)

New Year's Eve Tablescape (1)

The champagne favors that we crafted look great on the tablescape too if you want to offer them there too!

New Year's Eve Tablescape (14)

Cheers! Here is to a magical, sparkly New Year’s Eve!

Emily- B. Lovely Events


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