Spring Coat Closet Makeover

Apr 25, 2016 By jencraftomaniac
Spring Coat Closet Makeover

Hello creative friends, Jen from Craft-O-Maniac today, sharing how I took our coat closet from blah to “ta-dah!” I freshened up our coat closet with some wonderful light colored and organizational pieces from JoAnn. I love what I found and to make the space flow best. I chose colors in the same family, and I also selected colors that are light, because lighter colors make your space feel bigger.

Let’s take a look at what I did.

All the lovely goodies from JoAnn


spring coat closet makeover3

To adhere the decorative paper to the wall, I used a good amount of double sided tape.

spring coat closet makeover5

I then moved onto this sign. I first sanded each letter lightly, and hot glued them to the un-painted wood faux fence wood piece.

spring coat closet makeover6


spring coat closet makeover2


spring coat closet makeover9


spring coat closet makeover15

spring coat closet makeover7

spring coat closet makeover11


spring coat closet makeover14

I used the wood crate to hold my dirt devil vacuum and all the attachments it comes with, the cute bag is holding some hoodies, I added command hooks for hats on the door. I filled the boxes on the shelf with DVDs and video games. The white photo boxes hold some miscellaneous items, and the cute green and white trellis bag holds some blankets. I love how it turned out.

To see more crafts, decor, and more head to Craft-O-maniac. Thank’s Jen

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