Spring Kite Bunting

Mar 30, 2017 By Jo-Ann
Spring Kite Bunting

Handmade by: Janel of NellieBellie

(supplies listed are for a bunting of 14 kites 9.25” long)
• 7 pages of 12×12 inch cardstock, in spring-like patterns
Permanent glue stick
• 14 decorative paper straws
• Thin cardboard or recycled cereal box
• 122” baker’s twine
• 98” of decorative ribbon
• Pen
Paper punch, glitter, etc., if you want to embellish your kites further

1. Start out by determining how big you want your kites to be and create a kite guide. You can make a guide kite with a recycled cereal box. A guide will ensure each kite is the same size. Draw a 6-inch horizontal line on the cardboard and then a 9.25-inch vertical line in the middle of the horizontal line, making a cross shape. Use a ruler as a straight edge and connect the ends of the lines to each other, making the kite shape.

2. Cut out a kite stencil and started tracing kites on the 12×12 inch paper. You should be able to get 2 kites out of each sheet of paper and end up making 14 kites. (Save the scraps if you want to use them as an embellishment for your kites.)

3. Once all of the kites are cut out, you can use a large paper punch for some big circles and cut long strips to use as coordinating embellishments and glue them on to your kites.

4. As they are drying, cut some paper straws to a 6-inch length to use as decoration and to string the kites together. Glue the straws down where they measure 6 inches at the widest point.

5. After you glue on all of the straws, cut a 7-inch length of ribbon for the tail and glue it to the bottom point of the kite. Cut a 4-inch length of another ribbon and tie it on to the tail as a decorative bow.

6. When all of the glue is dry, cut a large length of baker’s twine that will serve as the string which all of the kites will hang on. Cut the twine to about 120 inches so you can string 14 kites together. Double-knotting the ends of the twine will help ensure it doesn’t fray apart as the kites are laced through the straws.

7. Center the kites on the string and tie a large loop at each end so the twine can be hung on a nail or a curtain rod.

Skill Level: Beginner

Approximate Crafting Time: 1-2 hours

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