Summer Entertaining – Easy Sew Strawberry and Polka Dot Ruffle Tablecloth and More

May 9, 2016 By Kim Byers
Summer Entertaining – Easy Sew Strawberry and Polka Dot Ruffle Tablecloth and More

I’m so thrilled that summer is coming, and for us that means lots of outdoor entertaining. Even when it’s just our little family, I love to have a pretty table for us to gather. Hi! I’m Kim Byers of The Celebration Shoppe. Let me show you how to sew an easy ruffle tablecloth for those summer BBQs!

Let’s get started and talk colors. I’m a lover of color and pattern, but when it comes to our deck during the summer months I stick very close to Americana décor. So when browsing through my JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store, I was drawn to these red, white and blue coordinating, but opposite, patterns. I love polka dots and always have; it’s a pattern for me that will likely never go out of style (like chevron has). And although my summer design is always Americana, I don’t see the need to stick firmly to stars and stripes in between patriotic holidays.

There are three things I love about sewing my own home décor: I can choose the colors and patterns, I can make as many items as I want, and my mom and I do it together. This time, not only did we make a ruffle tablecloth, but also napkins and ruffle chair back slips.

Let’s get started and make the strawberry and polka dot ruffle tablecloth!

You’ll need:
Polka Dot Fabric
• Strawberry & Blueberry Fabric (available in store)
Blue and Red Thread
Sewing machine
• Optional: Serger (aka over lock machine)

bbq tablecloth

Easy How to Steps:

1. Choose coordinating fabrics. A good cotton or poly-cotton blend is best for stability.
2. Measure your table and cut polka dot fabric to desired width and length, allowing for overhang and hem. This tablecloth has a 2 inch hem.
3. Fold and press in side hem.
4. Cut coordinating fabric strips for your ruffle, adding 1/2 inch on each side for hem and seam.
5. Join all strips for a continuous ruffle.
6. Press open seams.
7. Press hem up 1/2 inch.
8. Roll edge to inside fold, while stitching for 1/4 hem.
9. Attach ruffle to polka dot fabric. Use a ruffling foot to join and gather in one step leaving 1/2 inch for hem at each end of ruffle.
10. Hem side edge of ruffle after attaching.
11. Serge ruffle seam to eliminate raveling and reduce bulk.
12. Fold in hem to underside of fabric.
13. Press seam up on top side of fabric.
14. Stitch hem.

bbq tablecloth

bbq tablecloth

While we’re at it, let’s use this same process and make ruffle chair backs. I felt like the table needed a bit more color (back to what I was saying about sewing so you could make as much décor as you want) so I flipped the fabric choices and made smaller versions. The major difference is of course the size, and there is only one end with a ruffle.

bbq tablecloth

Aren’t they cute!

bbq tablecloth

Now, how about some simple sew cloth napkins? These are so easy, especially with a serger. No hem!

bbq tablecloth

To make cloth napkins, you’ll need:

• Strawberry & Blueberry Fabric – 16×16 per napkin (available in store)
Blue and Red Thread
Fabric glue

Simple steps:
1. Cut fabric into 16×16 squares.
2. Serge around edges.
3. Trim and seal edges with a dot of fabric glue.

I’d like to share a few other ideas for a berry BBQ, things like centerpieces, dessert and lighting. Let’s start with the centerpiece. We cookout a lot, so there isn’t always time for a centerpiece, but when there is I really like to use fresh flowers in a short vase.

bbq tablecloth

For dessert, I love to go fresh and cold. Strawberries and blueberries refrigerated, and maybe topped with cream, is the perfect summer treat.

bbq tablecloth

And last but never least, lighting. Right now at JoAnn you can find these darling solar lanterns. You’re seeing it only one of the three ways it can be displayed. It slides up and down to be skinny, medium and fat. I simply hung it from my pergola with clear fishing line and it worked perfectly. These would also be lovely as a trio.

bbq tablecloth

See how perfect it is above my summer entertaining table!

bbq tablecloth

Looking for more backyard entertaining and patriotic ideas, make sure you download my “Oh My Stars” cake topper, make my patriotic mason jar luminaries, and roast up my peanut butter s’mores. I’d love for you to visit me at The Celebration Shoppe for more creative ideas!

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate with JoAnn!

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