Summer Glitter Bucket List

Jun 19, 2017 By A Subtle Revelry
Summer Glitter Bucket List

Summer is here! Our kids are out of school and excited to do all the fun summer things. To make our time together a little more of an adventure we made this summer activity bucket list in a colorful and glitter filled way.

Popsicle stick bucket list

Hi, I’m Victoria from A Subtle Revelry, and I’ll show you how to make this fun summer craft with your kids because all summer activities should be done in the most fun way possible!

To create the summer activity bucket list we first sat down and brainstormed up a list of fun activities we wanted to do together this summer. They didn’t have to be huge things, but just any activity ie. Feeding the ducks or spending a night stargazing outside. This was the starting point of our bucket list.

Popsicle stick bucket list

To make the activity bucket list you will need:
Popsicle sticks
Glitter & glue
Tape to write on
• A Sharpie
Glass bowl or bucket

Popsicle stick bucket list

Start by painting or coloring all of the Popsicle sticks, this gives the entire bucket a fun and festive feel and will make every activity seem like a much bigger deal.

Popsicle stick bucket list

Once the Popsicle sticks are dry, you will want to place a piece of tape along the edge of each one. The piece of tape will act as your writing surface.

Use a sharpie to write in the activities brainstormed with the kids. You can color coat the activities, i.e. green for action, pink for food, or create any type of system desired.

Popsicle stick bucket list

Place all the sticks, with the written part down in the bowl or bucket and pick from it weekly to create a summer filled with everyone’s favorite memories!

Popsicle stick bucket list

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