Sweet St. Patty’s Day Treats

Mar 8, 2018 By Jenny Keller
Sweet St. Patty’s Day Treats

St Patrick’s Day is a day filled with colorful, magical excitement. It falls on a Saturday this year, which is the perfect excuse to throw a St Paddy’s Day party!

Jenny Keller here from Jenny Cookies! When my kids were younger, I’d throw a party for any reason, any season. One of my most favorite celebrations was a St Paddy’s Day Party in the park. I invited all of my friends with little kids, requested that everyone wore green and brought a green treat to share. We hunted for a pot of gold treasure, ate green sandwiches (made with green tortillas) and ran the kids as far as we could to ensure a great naptime. My kids were 3 and 5 and they sure had a blast running around the park, dressed in green, eating shamrock shaped sugar cookies.

KellyClare photography_0005StPatricksDay

To create your own St Patrick’s Day fun, I’ve compiled some of my classic ideas for a Luck of the Irish good time!

Rainbow Tablescape

You will need:
-Gold Coins
-Gold Pot
-Gold Sequin Sprinkles
-Rainbow Wrapping Paper
-St Patricks Day Hat
-Rainbow Plates and Clover Napkins

One of my easiest tricks in creating a fun party table for kids is using colorful wrapping paper as my table runner. It provides a surface kids can make a mess on and makes clean up a breeze!

KellyClare photography_0010StPatricksDay

Because St Patrick’s day is all things rainbows and clovers, make that your table centerpiece! I found a gold pot at JOANN (down their floral aisle) and filled it with plastic gold coins, necklaces and other treasure. The pot was a perfect centerpiece, something all the kids could enjoy. I added some gold sprinkles down the center of the table for extra sparkle.

KellyClare photography_0006StPatricksDayCheer and Co is one of my favorite lines at JOANN. They have all sorts of themed color supplies from paper straws, washi tape to wrapping paper. I found a whole section of rainbow supplies and swooped them up for my St Paddy’s Day table. Everything from paper straws, paper plates, treat bags and the colorful wrapping paper used for the runner. I paired the rainbow striped paper plates with St Patrick’s Day napkins and placed a clover shaped sugar cookie on the top. Rainbow label paper attached to a water bottle makes an instant statement and paper flags on the striped straws provide a special personalized touch!KellyClare photography_0024StPatricksDay


KellyClare photography_0016StPatricksDay

St Paddy’s Day Cookies and Cupcakes

You Will Need:
-Wilton 1M Decorating Tip
-Wilton Round Decorating Tips
-Wilton Coupler
-Wilton Disposable Pastry Bags
-Wilton Green Sanding Sugar
-Wilton Color Right System

KellyClare photography_0025StPatricksDay

KellyClare photography_0043StPatricksDay

The sugar cookies were easy to create using my signature sugar cookie recipe. A simple way to decorate quickly is to pipe buttercream icing onto the cookie and then dip the cookie in a plate of sanding sugar. I piped icing onto each clover shape using a disposable decorating bag fitted with a round Wilton decorating tip (#4 or #5 work great) filled with green buttercream. After the icing filled the entire cookie, I turned the cookie upside down into a plate of green sanding sugar. The icing serves as a glue to the sugar and adheres completely to the cookie, making a sparkly green clover!

KellyClare photography_0032StPatricksDay


KellyClare photography_0037StPatricksDay

If you’re up for going the extra mile on desserts, rainbow sugar cookies are fun as well! They require a little more prep work, due to the six colors of the rainbow. To create the rainbow sugar cookie, prep a small bag of icing for each color of the rainbow, along with a brown for the pot of gold and a white for the clouds. Each color can be fitted with a round #4 or #5 tip and the white bag will need a #18 tip. Starting with the rainbow colors first, draw a line of each color to form a rainbow. Fill in buttercream clouds using a swirly hand motion. Lastly, pipe a line of icing underneath the right side of the rainbow and cover in gold sprinkles. I made a sprinkle mix using gold sanding sugar, gold sequins and gold pearls. Draw on a brown pot to complete the cookie!

KellyClare photography_0039StPatricksDayI normally try to pair a rainbow dessert with a second rainbow treat since you’ll have all of the icing colors made. Because I made the rainbow cookies, I also added a fun cupcake to the mix. To re-create these St Patrick’s Day cupcakes, start with your favorite cupcake recipe.

Once your cupcakes are baked and cooled, frost them with sky blue icing. Fit a disposable decorating bag with a 1M tip. Using the previously filled rainbow colored icing bags, draw one colorful line of buttercream inside each bag using each color until you’ve completed each color of the rainbow. Fill bag with white buttercream. Set aside. Fill a second decorating bag of white icing fitted with a Wilton #10 tip. Draw one dot of icing on the top of a store bought Rolo candy. Dip Rolo into gold sprinkles, creating miniature pots of gold. Using rainbow colored icing bag, draw rainbow shape on the top of the blue cupcake. Make a few dots of buttercream clouds on one end of the rainbow and place miniature pot of gold candy on the other.

KellyClare photography_0035StPatricksDay

Rainbow Party Favors

You will need:
-Rainbow licorice
-Rolo candy
-Cellophane Bags

Every party needs a take home treat! Fill cello bags with gold chocolates and top with rainbow licorice. Package together using colorful twine and send each guest with a pot of gold at the end of a candy rainbow!

KellyClare photography_0018StPatricksDay

KellyClare photography_0020StPatricksDay

Combine all of these tablescape ideas, recipes and favors to create a whole St. Patrick’s Day event or make just one or two. Whatever you decide, you’ll definitely have kids feeling extra lucky!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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