Thanksgiving Kid Crafts

Nov 19, 2017 By A Subtle Revelry
Thanksgiving Kid Crafts

While Thanksgiving dinner is cooking, it’s always good to keep the kid’s hands busy and out of the oven. These colorful turkey heads are an easy craft to set up before and hand out just as you need them. We packaged the craft in miniature settings so you can place one on each kid’s plate to enjoy a peaceful meal knowing the kids are busy with their own colorful turkey fun!




To make the turkey heads, you will need:

  • Perler beads
  • Chenille stems (cut in half)
  • Foam balls (cut a small portion of the bottom off so the ball can sit on a flat surface)
  • Cardstock (cut in small triangles)
  • Googly eyes w/sticky backs
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue


1. To make a cute kid-friendly craft bundle together a cup of perler beads, 5-6 pipe cleaners, a turkey noise, 2 google eyes, and a foam ball. A simple plastic to-go cup works great for pulling everything together. If the kids are old enough you can have them paint the balls also, otherwise before setting out the supplies paint each foam ball in a fun festive color.


2. While the paint is drying thread perler beads in your colors of choice onto some pipe cleaners. Bunch them together, spread them around, whatever you want! Once the foam ball is dry poke the ends of the pipe cleaner into the ball in a feather like pattern. Make sure not to poke the pipe cleaners too far back or the ball will be too back heavy and topple over.


3. Glue the turkey noise in place and stick the googly eyes above for a fun + easy Thanksgiving display that everyone will enjoy!

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