Thanksgiving Skirt with Sash Pattern

Oct 27, 2016 By Jessica Abbott
Thanksgiving Skirt with Sash Pattern

Thanksgiving Skirt

With the Thanksgiving holiday around the corner, there is always so much to plan for. From the food, to the seating arrangements, to the decorations – we try to do it all so that our family holidays and memories are filled with joy and laughter to last a lifetime. While shopping at my local Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store, I stumbled across this gorgeous Two Daughters gray floral cotton fabric and knew that I simply needed to make a new skirt for the big family feast. Who says aprons should get to have all the fun on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Skirt

Thanksgiving Skirt

Thanksgiving Skirt

Thanksgiving Skirt

Skill level: Intermediate
Time Needed: 3 – 4 hours

Materials Needed:
● 1 ⅝ yds. cotton fabric (for the skirt)
● 1 yd. mid-lightweight interfacing
● 1 ½ yds. coordinating cotton fabric (for sash)
Invisible zipper
Coordinating thread
Rotary cutter / fabric scissors
Cutting mat
Universal regular point sewing needle
Measuring tape
● Basic sewing essentials

Thanksgiving Skirt

Fabric Seen in Photos:

Two Daughters Grey Floral Cotton

Cut Out Shirt Pattern Pieces:

Thanksgiving Skirt

1. Measure your waist circumference. Divide that number in half, and add 1”. This will be your waistband pattern measurement. Cut (2) waistband patterns, your measurement wide x 7” long. Cut (2) pieces of interfacing as well.

For example:
○ My waist is 31”. 31 / 2 = 15.5. 15.5 + 1 = 16.5
○ Cut (2) 16.5” wide x 7” long of fabric, and (2) of interfacing

2. Measure from your natural waist down to just below your knee, and then add 1.5”. This will be your skirt length. Cut (2) skirt panel pattern pieces your skirt length x width of the fabric.

For example:
○ My skirt length was 24”, I cut (2) 44” wide x 24” long front and back skirt panels.

3. Lastly, cut (2) skirt sash pattern pieces 54” long x 7” wide.

*You can piece the skirt sash pieces together if you only have 1 yd. of coordinating cotton.

Sewing the Skirt:

Thanksgiving Skirt

1. Place skirt panels right sides together, matching up the side seam. Pin and sew ONE side seam. Finish seam with a serger, zigzag stitch, or pinking shears and press.

2. Sew a gathering stitch along the top of your skirt, ¼” away from the edge, and gently pull the bobbin threads to gather. Spread gathers evenly until your skirt is approximately the same width as your waist circumference.

3. Fold your sash in half right sides together, matching up the long outer edge. Pin and sew. Use a safety pin to turn fabric tube right side out and press. Fold in one outer raw edge and press, sew around to secure. Repeat for other sash pattern piece.

4. Following the instructions on your interfacing, adhere interfacing to the wrong side of your waistband pattern pieces. Place the unfinished edge of your sash along the bottom side raw edge of the front waistband pattern piece, ½” up from the bottom. Pin in place and baste stitch ¼” away from the edge to secure. Repeat for opposite side.

5. Place waistband pattern pieces right sides together. Pin one side edge and sew, leaving the other edge open.

6. Place the waistband right sides together with the top gathered edge of the skirt. (The sash should be on the side closest to the skirt’s top edge.) Pin in place and sew. Cut seam allowance to remove excess bulk, and press waistband and seam up. Fold the upper edge of the waistband ½” towards the wrong side and press.

7. Finish open side raw edges of the skirt with a serger, zigzag stitch, or pinking shears. Sew invisible zipper to the top open side seam of the skirt, with the top stop of the zipper going to the very middle of the waistband. (For additional help with how to sew an invisible zipper, see this incredible DIY by Tilly & the Buttons.)

8. Once the zipper is in place, pin and, sew the bottom side seam together. Press seam open, and sew a line over the bottom of the zipper to secure in place to the skirt seam. Trim off any excess zipper.

9. Fold the waistband towards the inside of the skirt, covering the gathered seam. Fold the side edges of the waistband in, covering the top of the zipper. Pin around and sew to secure. If desired, sew by hand for an ultra-clean finish. (I used a nice, clean whipstitch all around.)

10. Hem the bottom of the skirt by folding ¼” towards the wrong side and pressing. Fold again ½” towards the wrong side and press. Sew around.

And you are finished!

Thanksgiving Skirt

I don’t know about you, but I am VERY thankful for new fabric. May your Thanksgiving be filled with good food, love, and laughter as you gather your friends and family around the table this holiday.

Thanksgiving Skirt

Thanksgiving Skirt

Thanksgiving Skirt

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