The Perfect DIY Blanket Scarf

Dec 6, 2015 By Merrick White
The Perfect DIY Blanket Scarf

Hi there — Merrick from Merrick’s Art here! Blanket scarves have been super trendy for the past few years, and I love making myself one here and there because they’re just SO simple to make.  I discovered a trick this year to make them absolutely perfect. My one challenge with them is the blunt ends that are hard to blend with the rest of the scarf when you tie it.

So today I’m sharing a super easy DIY Blanket Scarf with this special trick to make it absolutely perfect.


Materials needed:
2 yards of fabric (thin flannel is my favorite)
matching thread

Step 1. Take your two yards of fabric and lay them flat on the floor. Cut both ends at a 30 degree angle.

Step 2. Do a zigzag stitch or serged stitch down both long sides of the scarf to keep it from unraveling (no need to do this if the fabric has a selvage edge). Keep the angled ends unsewn so they can fray slightly if desired. Otherwise, fold them over twice and hem with a straight stitch.

And that’s it! Now when you wear your scarf, the straight, blunt ends don’t hang down and look weird, or if you want to tie the ends to make a blanket infinity scarf, the angled ends are really easy to tie in a knot at the back of your neck. These angled ends are so simple, but they make all the difference! Now go make yourself a bunch of these for winter.


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