Tie Dye Skirt DIY

Jul 9, 2015 By Guest
Tie Dye Skirt DIY

This is a guest post by Cathy Attix on behalf of iLoveToCreate.

Tie Dye is seriously the perfect summer “print”. I love how easy and quick it is to add bright pops of color and how beautiful the colors look when they mix together. There’s no worrying about making it too perfect and it (almost) always looks great when you’re finished.

Summer is all about easy dressing and a colorful skirt is the perfect thing to throw on over a bathing suit for the beach or with a t-shirt to go shopping or out to lunch. One of my favorite ways to make a skirt is to start with a t-shirt and alter it into a simple “One Seam” skirt and while you’re at it, add some bright pops of color with Tulip’s One Step Tie Dye Kit.


Tulip One Step Tie Dye Kit
Tape measure
Safety pin
Sewing machine

Choose a t-shirt that is large enough to fit loosely around your hips.

step 1

Lay your t-shirt out flat and draw a line straight across just under the arm holes.


step 2

Cut your t-shirt in half straight across along your line.


step 3

Turn the bottom part of your t-shirt inside out and fold the top (the cut) edge over.

I folded mine over 2 inches.

Pin in place.


step 4

Using your sewing machine sew all the way around the top of your skirt where you pinned.


step 5

Turn your skirt right side out.

Pulling the two layers of fabric apart, cut a small slit that’s large enough to thread your cord through.


step 6

Make a knot in both ends of your cord, run your safety pin through one of the knots.

Run your cord through the top hem of your skirt.


step 7

Using the rubber bands in your Tulip One Step Tie Dye kit, tie your skirt.


tie-dye-skirt-tying-2[1] tie-dye-skirt-tyed[1]

step 8

Working over a sink or a plastic container, squirt your dyes onto your skirt.

Let the dye sit for at least an hour.

The longer you let the dye sit the darker your colors will be.



step 9

Rinse your skirt in hot water until the water runs clear.

Let dry and you have a skirt that is ready to wear for summer!

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