Toy Storage – Make a Rolling Toy and Book Box

Apr 4, 2016 By Kim Byers
Toy Storage – Make a Rolling Toy and Book Box


Toys and books can take over the house if you let them. My advice, teach your kiddos about toy storage and how to pick up after themselves early. Hi! I’m Kim Byers of The Celebration Shoppe and this easy to make rolling toy and book box is not only cute, but it’s fun for the kids to roll around the house in search of out of place toys.

Let’s make one!

You’ll need a few supplies from your JOANN Fabric and Craft Store:
Wooden storage crate
4 small casters
• Fine sand paper
White Krylon Spray Paint
Baby Blue Krylon Spray Paint
Crystal Clear Krylon Top Coat
Letter Stencil
Craft Paint & Brush
• Drill

book storage

It’s actually pretty easy to make this DIY Toy Storage Box so let’s get started!

1. Paint – spray paint the crate white. Allow to dry completely. Spray paint a thin coat of light blue (or whatever color you prefer). Allow to dry completely.
2. Sand – using fine sand paper, gently run over the entire crate giving it a bit of an aged look.
3. Measure – measure crate base for caster placement.
4. Drill – drill holes and be gentle. These crates are wonderful, but if you drill in the wrong place (e.g., outside of the corners) you can cause the wood to splinter or break.
5. Stencil – outline “BOOK” on one side and “TOY” on the other.
6. Enjoy – your kiddos will think it’s fun to push around, and you’ll love that they’re helping.

book storage

In the summer months our rolling toy storage becomes almost predominantly a library book box. We check out about 20-25 books a week and a cart is the best way to keep them all organized so they don’t get mixed up in our own collection of books.

book storage

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate with JOANN Stores!

Shop the your favorite JOANN Fabrics and Craft Store or online for:
Krylon Paint
• Fine Sand Paper (in-store)
• Casters (in-store or hardware store)
Craft Paint
• Drill (in-store or hardware store)


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