Upcycle T-shirt

Aug 4, 2016 By Jessica Abbott
Upcycle T-shirt

So you bought a fantastic white t-shirt, loved the fit, and wore it like a boss. Then you washed it…

Grrrrrrr!!! What happened to my awesome new tee?!!!

Shrinkage happens to the best of us. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw your t-shirt in the trash. With a little ingenuity, you can upcycle that t-shirt into something fabulous, something that we fabric lovers can truly get behind and a t-shirt that you will love even more than before.

Hi there! Jess from The Sewing Rabbit, and today I am going to show you how to make this fun, upcycle t-shirt.

upcycle t-shirt

upcycle t-shirt

upcycle t-shirt

upcycle t-shirt

Skill level: Advanced Beginner (familiar with sewing knits)
Time Needed: 1 hour

¼ yard woven fabric
● T-shirt for upcycling
Universal Ball Point sewing needle
Coordinating thread
Rotary cutter / fabric scissors
Sewing machine

upcycle t-shirt


upcycle t-shirt

1. Lay your shirt nice and flat on the cutting mat, making sure to eliminate any wrinkles in the fabric. Lay a ruler across the width of your shirt, 1” underneath the sleeve, from one side seam to the other. Make sure the ruler is a nice straight horizontal line across the shirt. Use a rotary cutter along the straight edge of the ruler to cut. (If the shirt has a pocket like mine, simply cut another line across directly underneath the pocket to eliminate the pocket. Take this additional measurement into consideration when cutting your woven fabric in the next step, being sure to add more length to account for the excess fabric cut from the shirt.)

2. Measure the width across of your shirt, and add 1” for seam allowance. Cut (2) pieces of fabric from your woven cotton this width measurement, by the amount you wish to lengthen your shirt. (I made mine 6” long for a nice size band all around. Make sure to add more length if you had to remove a pocket.)

3. Place the 2 woven fabric bands right sides together, pin and sew side seams. Finish seam with a serger, zigzag stitch, or pinking shears. Press seam.

4. Place woven fabric band around the bottom of the top half of your shirt, right sides together. Match up the side seams and pin around. Sew using a serger, zigzag stitch, or stretch stitch. Finish seam, and press seam down towards woven fabric. Edge stitch seam using a long straight stitch to secure.

5. Repeat step 4 with the bottom raw edge of woven fabric band, with the upper cut edge of the bottom half of your shirt.

6. Iron shirt all around for a nice, clean, professional finish!

And you are done!

upcycle t-shirt

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