Velcro Make Believe Headbands

Jul 8, 2015 By Merrick White
Velcro Make Believe Headbands

Hey there! It’s Merrick from Merrick’s Art here and since we’re in summer mode over here with the kids out of school, I’m excited to share a fun and easy craft for you and your kids this summer!

Colorful Felt available at JOANN

I’m all about fostering creativity during these summer months, and promoting self play. So I came up with this little craft that will keep their fingers busy while you make it, and their imaginations busy afterward as they play.

sheets of different colored felt
glue gun
adhesive velcro

Step 1. Cut rectangles of felt that are big enough to wrap around the front of their head. Then cut pieces of elastic to wrap around the rest of their head, plus an extra 2 inches.


Step 2. Cut small slits in each side of the rectangle headbands. Then feed the elastic through, and glue in place. Then cut a strip of velcro to reach almost across the entire headband and stick in place.


Step 3. Now use the rest of the felt to cut whatever ears, objects, or items you’d like. I did bunny ears, pig ears, dog ears, crowns, an eye patch, and peacock feathers. Let your kids imaginations run wild!


Now let them have fun! Because who wouldn’t want to be a king bunny with peacock feathers and an eye patch?

DIY Felt Headbands for Kids // Kids Crafts

DIY Felt Headbands for Kids // Kids Crafts

DIY Felt Headbands for Kids // Kids Crafts crown

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