Vibrant Easter Tablescape

Mar 26, 2018 By Kara Whitten
Vibrant Easter Tablescape

One of my favorite things about Easter? The speckled eggs and pastel colors. So this year I decided to use these as inspiration for my Easter table. With a few small DIY projects and a few supplies from JOANN, I was able to create the perfect pastel floral and speckled Easter of my dreams.

Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-2

Let’s begin with the table cloth. JOANN has so many great fabric options, so I chose a blush pink Kona cotton and used a gold paint pen to splatter that cloth with specks of metallic gold. To make your own, you will want 3 yards of fabric, then sew a simple fold-over hem along all four sides of the fabric to create your table cloth. Then, take your table cloth outside and flick the Deco Color Gold Paint pen at the table cloth to release the gold paint and splatter the fabric with metallic flecks. Let the fabric dry for an hour or two and then your table cloth is ready.

For the next DIY table addition, I created simple speckled place cards for the guests. I used the same gold paint pen to splatter teal and mint mini folded cards and then added a gold and white thick sticker letter for each guest.

Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-12Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-9Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-10

The last DIY speckled addition were a few cute colorful clay egg cake toppers. To make your own, roll polymer clay in your hands to create an egg shape and then press a wooden skewer into the clay. Remove the skewer and bake at 300F for 15 minutes. Let cool and then splatter with the gold paint pen. The last step is to dab a bit of hot glue on the end of the skewer and press it into the eggs to secure the eggs. Decorate your cake by pressing the ends of the skewers into your cake.

Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-8Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-13Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-17

Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-16

For the rest of my speckled pastel Easter table, I used a eucalyptus leaf garland for the centerpiece and added in faux pastel speckled eggs from JOANN. A few pastel footed planters were used as flowers vases to top off the perfect pastel table settings.

Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-18Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-4Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-6Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-19

I am completely in love pretty this table is and not only that, but it was so easy to put together too! I hope you find some inspiration here that you can bring to your own Easter celebration.

Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-15Speckled Easter Egg Dinner Table-3

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