Wanderlust Savings Jars for Your Next Adventure

Jan 3, 2018 By Kim Byers
Wanderlust Savings Jars for Your Next Adventure

Let’s make a Savings Jar, or two! I love adventuring with my kids. Throughout the year we plan hiking trips, days at local museums, faraway travels, and I wouldn’t sit on the sidelines for anything! I want to be right there in the mix of their lives until they jet off to college.

All this said, adventuring can get expensive, so this year we’re all going to all pitch in, literally. We’re all deciding on one adventure at a time and then we’re all going to contribute until we have enough to take off! That said, we all have our own ideas about where to go first, so we picked a big vacation and two smaller hiking trips to states we love.

Hi! I’m Kim Byers of The Celebration Shoppe. Let’s get crafty and I’ll show you how to make darling Savings Jars that you will proudly display so the entire family can stay excited about your next adventure!

We’ll also make a fairy light Wanderlust sign perfect for your Savings Jar, or a child’s bedroom. It’s darling and makes a perfect nightlight!


The most important tip I can give you about this craft, is to choose the right jars. Let’s start by visiting your local JOANN or by shopping online at They have lots of great glass and plastic vessels. My favorites are these mini Ball jars! They come in sets of four.

For the jar decoration, you’ll need:

• Mini Ball Jars

• Gold Glitter Paint

• Blue Painters Tape

Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2

Standard Mat

• Design Space

• Black Vinyl


And for the sign, you’ll need:

• Wooden Plank

• Gold Spray Paint

Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2

Standard Mat

Cricut Tools

• Black Vinyl

• Transfer Tape

• Design Space File

• Fairy Lights

• Hot Glue Gun

• Ribbon

• Staple Gun

How To Make A Savings Jar:

1. Using blue painters tape, make stripes on the mini jars. Spray paint with glitter gold paint on top and bottom.

2. Open my Design Space file, and edit to fit your jar size or add other designs for other states, hiking, college logos, etc.

3. Follow the prompts on the machine. The Cricut makes is all so easy, so you don’t mess up! (Tip: Cut vinyl on standard mat).

4. Use transfer tape for intricate designs. (My small states didn’t require it.)

5. Just add cash! Or change. Every penny counts!


How To Make The Wanderlust Sign:

To build excitement and set up a “saving” area in your home, make this fun Wanderlust sign too.

1. Paint the plank gold. Allow to dry completely.

2. Staple a ribbon to the back of the board for hanging.

3. Open Design Space File and cut out “Wanderlust” in vinyl. (Optional: Use Cricut BrightPad to make weeding super easy!)

4. Apply vinyl to board with transfer tape. Peeling and applying slowly.

5. Using a hot glue gun, bend and shape the fairy lights to the lettering. The work is slow, but the end result is darling. (Great way to make custom lights for a child’s bedroom too!)




Happy saving! As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate with JOANN!

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