Watercolor Pillow

Jul 9, 2015 By Beckie Farrant
Watercolor Pillow

Hello creative people, Beckie from Infarrantly Creative here. I saw this amazing watercolor pillow at a high end store and decided to try and replicate the look.  I don’t know about you but the sun and beach constantly scream my name. “Fresh Air, Sun Flare, Beach Chair, I’m There.”  I mean seriously?  That is dreamy.  Since we have been under a cloud for the past three weeks in Ohio I have seen more rain than sun lately.  So gimme some sun flair and a beach chair please!  This pillow cover is really easy to make and you can create pretty cool affects with dye.

Tulip One Step Tie Dye (I used Turquoise, Lime and Teal)
White Pillows Cover (mine is the $4.00 Gurli from IKEA)
Tulip Fabric Resist
Trash bag or cardboard to protect bleed through

Tie Dye

1. Wash, dry and iron your pillow cover.  Next place a plastic trash bag or cardboard in between the layers of the pillow cover in order to protect the back from getting dyed as well.

2. I then freehanded the letters with the Tulip Fabric Resist.  I decided I wanted it a little free flowing and unperfect.  However is perfection is your goal, try using a stencil to create your letters.


3. Next let the resist dry completely.  It will probably take overnight for it to dry 100%.

4. Next prepare your dye.  I opted for the Tulip One Step Dye because all you do is add water and shake.


5. Then squirt the dye across the pillow cover being careful to go slowly since the dye will absorb further than you squirt it.  Add more as needed.


6. Continue to add different colors allowing the dye to absorb together to create a watercolored affect.



7. Cover your design with a plastic bag to keep it wetter longer.  However, you do want to let it dry completely.

8. After at least 8 hours rinse out the dye until the water runs clear.



9. Turn your pillow cover inside and pop it in your wash machine.  Then dry it and turn it right side out.

DIY Watercolor Pillow

I love the three colors meshed together.  It is perfect for a sunroom or a covered porch.  And with the resist you can create any saying or phrase in a watercolored background.

DIY Watercolor Pillows Pillow3

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