Watercolor Stationery

Jan 21, 2018 By A Subtle Revelry
Watercolor Stationery

Now that the holidays are over and I feel like I can breathe again, I’m finding myself wanting to get back to creativity in a big way. Especially with it being so cold outside, we have plenty of inside time to relax and create right now.

Crafting a set of watercolor gift cards is a great snowy day weekend project and it will have me prepared for all the HELLOS, THANK YOUS and CONGRATS I may have to offer in the coming years.

Watercolor greeting cards are an easy way to inject a little creativity and personality into a project that will be adored all year long.


To make the watercolor cards you will need:

Watercolor paints
A cup with water
A pencil
Folded Greeting Cards
White thick painting paper
Paper glue


1. Start by taking the blank white card and using watercolor paints to paint wispy lines on the cards.

Take care to not press down too hard with the brush and gently glide it across each card. Use a little extra water as the lines connect to create a blending affect.

The cards are great fun and can be created in any color scheme or patterned imagined. This is a great way to really dive into being creative at home.


2. Allow the paint to fully dry and then use a pencil to gently draw in the words. This way if you mess up an eraser will do the trick.

Once the words look great, use a black marker to create a pop affect against the pretty watercolor created.


3. Once the paper looks how you want it, use a brushing of paper glue to attach it to the front of a folded card with envelope.


Have a stack of these always on hand for any important occasion, or even just because! Every friend’s year will start better when gifted a sweet card from you.



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