We Made It™ by Jennifer Garner – Hoop Hideout

Jul 5, 2015 By Jessica Abbott
We Made It™ by Jennifer Garner – Hoop Hideout

Sometimes it can be easy forgetting about the boys when it comes to crafting. They are content to play with play-doh, kinetic sand, and coloring. Whereas we get wrapped up in friendship bracelets, princess tutus and more for the girls. But I have recently realized something.  After having sewn and photographed my girls in numerous handmade dresses, my son was letting me know through his actions that he wanted to be a part of the fun too. He kept trying to photobomb, or would wait his turn to be photographed.  One day he went so far as to take kid-friendly scissors to the T-shirt he was wearing – just so he could be ‘like Mommy’. Turns out, I wasn’t creating enough for HIM. I need to be an Equal Opportunity Crafter. Lol – but in all seriousness, we need to create with little boys just as much as we do for the little ladies in our life.

Needless to say, he LOVED helping me make this Hoop Hideout tie dye tent.

We Made It – Hoop Hideout

Skill Level: Craft to do with the kids, age 5+

Time Needed: 2 days

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The hoop hideout was a perfect craft to spend time together with my son. It was special Mommy / Son time. We went outside, and got thoroughly dirty – which he loves. My son is 4 years old, and needed help getting the supplies together. In fact, I did most of the ‘heavy lifting’ on this craft project. But he came out when it was time to wrap the fabric up in rubber bands, and for the most fun part – TIE DYING.

I had to make sure he was wearing clothes that were okay to get stained, and we went to town. I am not an expert tie dyer by any means – but we still had a lot of fun!



The directions state that you should WEAR RUBBER GLOVES when dying the tent panels, as the color stains. I didn’t have any gloves on hand, and I happen to like having purple hands for days…thankyouverymuch. My son thinks we are turning into evil minions, so he loves them too.


Once the fun part was done, it was a waiting game. We had to let the tent panels dry overnight in plastic bags. The next day we simply rinsed them out.  We were supposed to hang the panels up to dry, but I cheated and put mine in the dryer. The hardest part for me was ironing the panels afterwards. Have I mentioned how much I hate ironing? I hate it…with a capital H. If I had simply hung the panels up to dry like the instructions stated, I would not have had such a large ironing project on my hands. But hindsight is 20/20. Ironing it was.

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Seeing the joy on my son’s face when he woke up the next morning to an indoor tent was absolutely priceless.

It was a project all for him, that he helped create with me. We made it, together. And he was overjoyed when I asked him to take a few photos with his new tent. He was finally getting the handmade attention he so craved.

So while little boys (like mine) often LOVE sports, legos, dinosaurs, and ninjas – let’s not forget to nurture their artistic side as well this Summer. Let’s make together, with a Summer of crafting and fun.

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