Winter Leisure Wear

Jan 2, 2018 By Jessica Abbott
Winter Leisure Wear

I don’t know about you, but this time of year I love nothing more than cuddling up in a comfy sweater, pair of leggings, warm socks and a hat or fuzzy pair of mittens. Because when the weather gets cold outside, it’s time to snuggle up and stay warm! Who says comfy activewear is only for exercising?! I say leggings all day, every day :).

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Winter Leisure Wear

Cowl Neck Sweater with Gathered Sleeves

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● 3 yds Sweater Fabric

● Coordinating thread

● Fabric scissors / rotary cutter

● Basic sweater pattern, which we will alter (you can download a free pattern by clicking HERE)

● Pins

● Ruler

● Sewing machine

● *Highly recommended – Serger / Overlock machine

● *Optional – walking foot

Sewing tip:
When sewing with sweater knit, a walking foot helps keep the fabric from stretching eliminating the ‘wavy’ seam look.

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1. Gather supplies and cut out all pattern pieces as indicated. As mentioned in the materials list, if needed a free cowl neck sweater pattern can be found HERE.

2. To alter the sleeves, place the sleeve pattern on top of your fabric. At the hem, measure 5” out on either side. Draw a straight line from the end of the sleeve curve, to this new hem width. Cut 2 sleeves.

3. Place front and back of sweater right sides together. Pin and sew shoulder seams. Finish seam with serger.

4. Fold cowl neck pattern piece in half, right sides together, matching up back seam. Pin and sew. Finish seam. Finish the raw edge along the top of the cowl neck. Fold top edge down, ½” towards wrong side. Fold again ½”, pin and sew around to finish edge.

5. Slip cowl neck around the neckline of your sweater, right sides together. Match up the bottom raw edge of the cowl neck with the raw edge of your neckline, aligning the back cowl neck seam with the back center of your sweater. Pin and sew. Finish seam.

6. Match up the curve of the sleeve with the armsyce of the sweater. Place the sleeve curve right sides together with the armsyce, pin along the curve and sew. Finish seam. Repeat for other sleeve.

7. Fold sweater front and back right sides together. Pin and sew side seams. Finish seams.

8. Fold sleeve band right sides together, matching up the outer edge. Pin and sew. Fold band in half, enclosing the seam in the middle.

9. Sew a line of gathering stitches around the hem of the sleeve. Gently pull the bobbin thread until the sleeve is slightly wider than your sleeve band.

10. Slip sleeve band over the gathered sleeve, matching up the raw edges and seams. Pin around and sew using a stretch friendly stitch. Finish seam and fold band down. Repeat for other side.

11. Hem the bottom of the sweater.

Pom Pom Fur Hat

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● ½ yd faux fur

● ½ yd fleece

● Yarn

● Pom pom maker

● Coordinating thread

● Pins

● Measure tape

● Fabric scissors

● Sewing machine


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1. Gather supplies as needed. Measure around your head, and divide number by 2.

2. Cut 2 fleece hat pattern pieces, your divided number wide x 9.5” long, arcing the sides up in the top center for a dome-like shape. These will be your lining.

3. Use the fleece hat pattern as a guide to cut 2 from your fur fabric for exterior.

4. Cut a small slit along the top center of your hat pattern pieces, 2” long.

5. Place your pattern pieces right sides together, and pin along the curved side edges. Sew around, but DO NOT SEW the 2” cut slit along the top center. Do this for the fur exterior, and fleece lining – but when sewing the fleece lining, leave a 4” space for turning.

6. Fold the top center slit of the fleece lining right sides together, matching up the side seams in the middle. Pin and sew.

7. Make a Pom Pom with yarn using a large pom pom maker. Leave 2-4 long strings hanging out of the end of the pom pom.

8. Slip long pom pom strings into the cut slit along the top edge of the fur hat. Pull strings to make pom pom nice and tight. Repeat step 6 for fur hat, making sure to pull and sew the pom pom strings in your seam. If the pom pom is still loose when done sewing, use a needle and thread to go around the pom pom a few times to make secure.

9. Slip fleece lining around the fur hat, right sides together, matching up side seams. Pin around the bottom of the hat and sew, using a stretch friendly stitch. Turn hat right side out by pulling through the opening in the lining. Whipstitch lining opening closed, and push lining inside of hat.

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For more ideas to help complete this comfy winter wear look, try these DIYs:

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