Woodland Flower Crown Sugar Cookies

Jun 1, 2017 By Jenny Keller
Woodland Flower Crown Sugar Cookies

It seems like everywhere you turn you can find woodland themed items. Decor pieces, stationary, baby nurseries, party themes and even clothing. It’s everywhere!

I’m Jenny Keller of I love making themed treats to coordinate special occasions but also just for fun, everyday enjoyment. Because the woodland theme is so recognizable, I made some simple sugar cookies that will look great at any woodland themed party, shower or event!

What you’ll need:
• Round sugar cookies (scratch or store bought)
Buttercream Icing half white, half colored in mint green and two shades of coral
Wilton Spatula
Wilton Decorating Bags
• Wilton Gold Metallic Paint Brush (available in-stores)
Wilton Tips 3, 5, 16 and 18
Cake plate to display treats
Wilton Perfect Color Right System

flower crown cookies


1. Start by coloring your icing to the preferred colors. You’ll want white, green and two shades of coral. Wilton’s Color Right System is a great resource for experimenting with colors. If you are decorating cookies for a different color palette, switch them up! You can’t go wrong with these beautiful designs!

flower crown cookies

2. Once the icing colors are mixed, fill your decorating bags. I always find it easier to have the prep ready go to before starting the project. It’s much faster to have all of your decorating bags filled before beginning to decorate.

flower crown cookies


3. Starting with a naked cookie and a decorating bag filled with a #5 decorating tip, draw a circle around the edge of the cookie. Using a back and forth motion, begin to pipe icing in the inside of the circle to cover the entire surface of the cookie.

flower crown cookies

4. Using the same decorating bag and tip, draw two white antlers near the outer edges of the cookie.

flower crown cookies

5. Using the decorating bag fitted with a #18 tip, draw a rosette at the bottom (in the center) of the two antlers. To make a rosette, hold the bag upright and start in the center. Squeeze bag with equal pressure and make a counter-clockwise motion with your hand. Release pressure as you reach the outer edge of the rosette.

6. Repeat technique using the decorating bag fitted with the #16 tip, making a small rosette on either side of the large rosette.

flower crown cookies

7. Finish flower crown by using a decorating bag fitted with #3 tip and green icing by drawing leaves between the flower rosettes.

8. Let cookies dry for about 30 minutes. They won’t fully harden, but they will have a light “crust” on the top. Using a Wilton Gold Metallic Paint Brush, lightly brush over the white antlers to turn them gold! Voila!!

flower crown cookies

The cookies are always a hit at parties and make a statement on dessert tables. They make great take-home party favors or wonderful gifts for friends and family. One the cookies have fully dried and crusted (about 8 hours) you can package them individually in cello bags tied with twine.

Happy Decorating!

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