Yarn Pom Garland

Jan 4, 2016 By Stefanie Knaus
Yarn Pom Garland

After packing the holiday decorations neatly away, I always enjoy clean, fresh decor heading into the new year. The chill outside keeps me indoors, cozy and warm. I’ve taken inspiration from the sparkle of snow to create this cozy and cheery hot cocoa corner! Pom pom garland is one of the easiest things to make and it adds softness and comfort as home or party decor! Have you made yarn pom poms recently?

Pom poms are a popular decor item right now and they’re so simple to make, even the kids will have fun making a pile! For this pom garland, I used this fluffy, creamy Buttercream Angel Hair yarn in white. You can use any yarn, really, but the thicker and/or fuzzy yarns will make a more plush pom pom.

Yarn Pom Garland

1. To make the pom pom, simply wrap the yarn around and around your fingers, as shown. For a larger ball, I wrapped the yarn 50 times around three fingers. You can wrap more times or fewer and/or alter the number of fingers that you’re wrapping around to get different sizes.

2. Once you’ve wrapped the yarn, cut a 10″ length of yarn and wrap it horizontally around the whole wrapped packet of yarn. If you have wrapped around three fingers, adjusting to two fingers now will give you a little working space to get the yarn tie wrapped around and spaced in the center.

3. Pull the yarn tie tightly and make a knot. This tie is what holds the pom pom together, so the tighter the knot, the better.

4. Carefully slide your scissors inside the loops on the top half of the wrapped yarn and snip. Then, snip through the loops on the other half.

5. Fluff the pom pom and trim any yarn pieces that stick out unevenly.

6. Be gentle with the pom pom as pulling on one of the threads will easily pull it all the way out of the pom.

Yarn Pom Garland

Repeat to make a pile of fluffy little snowballs.

Yarn Pom Garland

To turn the pom poms into a garland, take a length of yarn and thread the end through a yarn needle. Gently weave the needle through the center of each pom pom and space to your liking along the string of yarn!

Yarn Pom Garland

Doesn’t the garland look cheery accompanying this little hot cocoa bar? I used this perfectly sized apothecary jar for my hot cocoa mix and this wider apothecary jar for the mini marshmallows.

Yarn Pom Garland

Straw wrap stickers are easy to use and add instant pizazz to this little party setup.

Yarn Pom Garland

Make quick and easy treats to round out the table using these tips for candy dipping!

Yarn Pom Garland

And there you have it! Sparkling decor for a party or every day! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you over at Girl. Inspired.

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