Bloody Knife Cupcakes
By Wilton
ITEM # 2779514P46
Bloody Knife Cupcakes
By Wilton
ITEM # 2779514P46



  • Wilton® Foodcrafting supplies
    • White/Black/Silver Standard Baking Cups (black used)
    • 12-cup Standard Muffin Pan
    • 14-1/2" x 20" Cooling Grid
    • White Ready-to-Use Icing – 4-1/2 lb. tub (6 cups needed for 12 cupcakes)
    • Disposable Decorating Bags
    • Decorating Tip 1M
    • Angled Spatula
    • Piping Gel
    • Red-Red Icing Color
    • Halloween Knife Royal Icing Decorations
    • Favorite cupcake recipe or mix (4-1/2 cups needed for 24)


    1. Bake cupcakes. Bake and cool cupcakes.
    2. Ice cupcakes. Use tip 1M and white icing to pipe a swirl on top of cupcakes.
    3. Tint piping gel red. Place in uncut decorating bag. Cut tip off bag; pipe tinted gel on cupcakes for a splatter effect.
    4. Top Cupcakes. Insert icing decorations in top of cupcakes.

Treats can be scary, too! Make artfully decorated cupcakes that look like they've been stabbed, with the queen of scream herself, JOANN!