No-Needles Knit Blanket

by Red Heart |

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  • RED HEART® Irresistible: 8 balls - Silver
GAUGE: 2 sts = 4" (10 cm); 3 rows = 4" (10 cm)


This throw is made without knitting needles. The stitches are formed with your fingers.
Try to keep the size of your loops consistent throughout.
For ease of handling, work with the blanket laid out on a table. As the piece grows, roll or fold it to keep it out of the way of the row being worked.
To join a new ball of yarn, tie a tight knot, leaving an approximately 3" tail to be woven in when the knitting is done.

Throw measures 47"x 62"

HOW TO FINGER KNIT: Begin your chain by making a slip knot.
Pull the yarn through the loop of the slip knot to make your first chain stitch.
Keep pulling the yarn through the new loop until you have the desired number of chains. For this pattern, make 24 chain stitches.
To begin the first row, create a new loop by pulling the yarn through the side of the second to last chain.
Continue creating new loops in the side of each chain until you reach the end.
Begin your second row by pulling a new loop through the loop just made.
Continue pulling a new loop through each loop of the previous row, working from left to right, until you reach the last loop, which is actually the last stitch of your beginning chain.
Finish the row by pulling a new loop through that chain.
Continue working back and forth in rows until piece is the desired length.

To bind off, begin by knitting the first two stitches.
Pull the second stitch through the first stitch.
The first stitch has been bound off.
Knit the next stitch and pull it through the loop to the right, binding off another stitch.
Continue to end of row. One loop remains.
Cut yarn and pull the cut end through the remaining loop to fasten off.

THROW: Using your fingers, chain 24.
Row 1: Starting with the next to last chain, pull a loop through the side of each chain.
Row 2: Work back in the other direction, pulling a loop through each of the loops made in Row 1, with the final loop in the last chain. 23 sts.
Continue working back and forth in rows until piece measures approximately 60".
Bind off (see how-to information below).

Use your fingers to weave in ends on the wrong side.

st(s) = stitch(es)

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