Chevron Monogram Pillow
ITEM # 2253866P17
Chevron Monogram Pillow
ITEM # 2253866P17



  • Tulip® Pillow Cover, 18” x 18” White
  • Tulip® Textile Stencil:
    • Chevron
    • Block Monogram
  • Tulip® Stencil Spray Adhesive
  • Tulip® Paint Roller
  • Tulip® Soft® Fabric Paint
    • Nickel
    • Black
  • Paper plate
  • Wax paper


1. Insert wax paper between layers of pillow cover to prevent paint from seeping through.
2. Plan position of stencil using centering guide arrow if needed.
3. Lightly spray Tulip® Stencil Spray Adhesive on dull side of Tulip® Textile Stencil.
4. Place stencil adhesive side down and hand press into place to create a temporary bond to fabric.
5. Pour a puddle of Nickel paint on paper plate.
6. Load paint onto Tulip® Paint Roller.
7. Gently apply one light coat of Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint over stencil openings.
8. Apply two light coats for more opacity.
9. Allow to dry one minute.
10. Carefully remove stencil to reveal design and allow to dry.
11. Clean stencil immediately with mild soap and water for reuse. Rinse and clean paint roller.
12. To add monogram design, simply repeat the steps using Monogram stencil and Black paint.
13. Allow to dry.

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