Dahlia Drawstring Bags

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Intermediate Varies
  • For 3 Bags: 3 Skeins of Lion Brand® Wool-Ease Yarn: Arrowood (Color A), Blush Heather (Color B) & Natural Heather (Color C) (worsted, weight 4; 197yd/180m per skein)
  • Size US 8 (5mm) 16" Circular Knitting Needles (or size needed to obtain gauge)
  • For I-Cord Drawstring: Set of 2 size US 2 or 3 (2.75 or 3.25mm) Double Pointed Needles
  • Three Locking Stitch Markers
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle

  • MEASUREMENTS: Finished project size: 10"x 10"

  • GAUGE: 18 sts and 24 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch on size US 8 (5mm) needles

Download and print the pattern from the GET PATTERNS tab.

BOR = beginning of round
CO = cast-on
DPN = double pointed needle
EOR = end of round
K = knit
K2tog = knit 2 together
Rnd = round
St(s) = stitch(es)
YO = yarn over
( ) = a number of sts, rows or rnds
[ ] = total st count at EOR

1. With size US 8 (5mm) circular needles and Color A, CO 80 sts.
Join in the round, place a BOR marker.

Folded Edge:
1. K to EOR. [80] All rnds will have 80 sts.
Rep Rnd 1 for 4 more rnds.
6. *YO, K2tog, K 38 sts, Rep from * once more.
Rep Rnd 1 once more.
8. Fold cast on edge inward so the knit sts are facing out.
Pick up first loop from cast on edge.
Place this loop on the left needle.
Knit this cast on loop with the st that was already on the needle as if knitting 2 together (K2tog).
Rep *PU Loop, K2tog* to EOR.
The cast on edge is now folded inward to create a hollow edge for the drawstring I-Cord.

1. K to EOR. [80] All rnds will have 80 sts.
Rep Rnd 1 until work is 11".
Bind-off and seam the edge closed to form the bottom of the bag.

Begin with Color B.
1. With 2 size US 2 or 3 (2.75 or 3.25mm) double pointed needles CO 2 sts.
2. K 2. Slide sts to right side of DPN.
Right needle becomes left needle. Do not turn.
Rep row 2 until I-Cord drawstring is 20".
Pull/stretch I-Cord every few rows to smooth out sts.
With yarn needle, thread tail through the 2 sts and pull to tighten.
Weave in the end.
Repeat once more to make a second I-Cord in same color.

Insert drawstrings:
(See Diagram)
Attach a locking stitch marker to one end of the I-Cord.
Run the locking stitch marker and attached I-Cord through one of the openings in the folded edge exiting the same place where entered.
Repeat to the opposite opening of folded edge with the other I-Cord.
Tie a knot on each side of the I-Cord drawstrings and tighten.
Pull the drawstrings by the knot to test opening and closing the bag.

(See Diagram)
Place 3 locking stitch markers to identify the center of each embroidered flower.
Marker 1: Center of bag approximately 5" from left & right sides and 2.5" down from top edge.
Marker 2: 6 sts to left of marker 1 and 2.5" down from top edge.
Marker 3: 6 sts to right of marker 1 and 2.5" down from top edge.
With color C and a yarn needle, embroider 3 Lazy Daisies.
With color B and a yarn needle, embroider French Knots in each flower center.

Weave in any remaining ends.
Wet block.
Bag 1 is complete. Rep instructions for 2 more bags using different color combinations.
Bag 1: Body(Color A), Drawstring(Color B), Lazy Daisies(Color C), French Knots(Color B)
Bag 2: Body(Color B), Drawstring(Color C), Lazy Daisies(Color A), French Knots(Color C)
Bag 3: Body(Color C), Drawstring(Color A), Lazy Daisies(Color B), French Knots(Color A)

  • A 3-strand braid of yarn or crochet chain can be substituted for the I-Cord.
  • Any embroidered icon can be substituted for the Lazy Daisy, e.g. a person's name.
  • Alternate yarn colors throughout the body of the bag to create stripes, e.g. switch colors every 3 rounds.

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