Deco Mesh Christmas Tree
ITEM # 2279513P29
Deco Mesh Christmas Tree
ITEM # 2279513P29
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Crafting Time:
Over 5 Hours
Skill Level:



  • 21" x 30ft mesh ribbon, green
  • 21" x 30ft mesh ribbon, cream
  • Red glitter dot tulle, 1 roll
  • Wire tree frame
  • 20 gauge wire
  • Floral wire
  • Holiday ribbon 1-1/2" x 30ft
  • Holiday ribbon 2-1/2" x 25ft


  1. Attach the 20 gauge wire across the back of the tree frame. Use approximately 4 or 5 wires to fill in the void in the center or tree frame. This will create supports for the mesh bows.
  2. Cut pieces of the green mesh approximately 24" long. Fold in half with the two manufactured sides touching. Gather cut sides and bring them to the center of mesh. Gather mesh in the middle and tie with floral wire forming a bow shape.
  3. Roll up the red tulle loosely around your thumb. Run some floral wire through that loop. Do not tie it up just yet. Create two loops on either side of your thumb, forming a small bow. Tie together with the wire that is coming through the middle roll. Cut the bow from the roll of tulle.
  4. Attach the red bow to the center of the green mesh bow using the floral wire.
  5. Attach the red and green bow to the wire tree frame using the floral wire. Attach it approximately 2" up from the bottom of the frame.
  6. Continue the above process to make more green bows with and without the red tulle inside until the tree is to desired fullness and height. Make smaller bow as you move up the tree.
  7. Make small single puffs to fill in holes by cutting a small piece of green mesh, approximately 10" x 8" long, gathering the cut sides together and securing with the floral wire.
  8. Create a bow at the top of the tree using the holiday ribbon spools. Put smaller ribbon on top of larger ribbon and form a large bow in the same style as the red tulle, adding more loops to create a larger, fuller bow. Use the 20 gauge wire to secure the bow together and to the tree frame.
  9. Cut the cream mesh ribbon approximately 18" long and fold in the same manner as direction #7 to form the base of the tree. Attach to the bottom portion of the wire tree mesh with floral wire.
  10. Clean up the back of the frame by trimming any wires or mesh that are protruding.

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