DIY Patriotic Metal Flag

Item # 1479260P186
Beginner 1-2 Hours


  • 1- Corrugated wavy hanging aluminum metal panel
  • 1- Metal star, size=6”
  • 1- Metal star, size=14”
  • 1- Jar of Nautical Blue Home Décor chalk paint
  • 1- Jar of Imperial Red Home Décor chalk paint
  • 1- Jar of Adirondack White Home Décor chalk paint
  • 1-Flat 2” paint brush
  • 1- Small birch round piece of wood
  • 1- Tube of E6000 glue
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick


  1. Using the flat paintbrush and the Imperial Red chalk paint, sparsely paint a 2” strip at the top of the wavy metal panel all the way across. Skip down 2-3” and paint another red strip. Continue this pattern until you have reach the bottom of the metal panel.  You should have a total of 4 red stripes
  2. Paint the big star Nautical blue and let it dry.
  3. Paint the edges of the little star white and let it dry.
  4. Glue the blue star in the upper left corner of the metal panel.
  5. Glue the birch round disk on the bottom of the white edged star in the middle and let it dry.
  6. Place E6000 glue on the edges of the birch round disk.  Place a big glob of hot glue in the middle of the birch round disk.  Flip the white star over and position it on the blue star.  Hold it for a few seconds until cooled.

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