How to Plan a Cosplay Party

By Emily Miller

Hey Lovelies, Emily here from B. Lovely Events. Have you seen the new Cosplay Fabric from Yaya Han in JOANN stores yet? It’s seriously lovely! There are so many fun and vibrant prints to choose from plus unique fabrics like gold and silver studded leather and different colors of brocade patterned fabric too. They are perfect for designing your dream cosplay costume and JOA...


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Apr 3, 2016 0 Comments


Clear Fabric Clutter with Clever Organization

By Jessica Abbott

Shame on anyone for ever calling fabric ‘clutter’. It is artwork of the highest caliber and/or very specially stacked home decor. But for when you absolutely do need to clear some of it up (ahem – make room for more), here are some of my favorite tactics for clever fabric organization. Our 6 year old daughter asked Santa for a sewing machine this year. BE STILL MY HE...


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The Perfect DIY Blanket Scarf

By Merrick White

Hi there — Merrick from Merrick’s Art here! Blanket scarves have been super trendy for the past few years, and I love making myself one here and there because they’re just SO simple to make.  I discovered a trick this year to make them absolutely perfect. My one challenge with them is the blunt ends that are hard to blend with the rest of the scarf when you tie it. S...


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No Sew Princess Costume

By Courtney O'Dell

My daughter always asks to dress up. She absolutely loves dress up time and always wants me to dress up with her. She’s been begging me to join her princess party and dress up like a ballerina princess for Halloween. I’m not a huge dress up fan, but I wanted to come up with something fun to dress up with my daughter that wouldn’t take too much time. I headed into JOANN for...


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Peacock Costume Tutorial

By Stefanie Knaus

Halloween is THE time to create the most elaborate, extravagant, exciting, or even ridiculous masterpieces in our craft rooms! With three young girls in my house, I don’t think a year has gone by that at least one of them hasn’t worn a tutu of some sort! Hi there friends, it’s Stef from Girl. Inspired. and I’m excited to show you today how to get go...


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