Fleece Body Pillow Cover
ITEM # 083858P6
Fleece Body Pillow Cover
ITEM # 083858P6



  • 1½ yd fleece or Soft & Comfy fabric
  • 20"x54" body pillow form
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine

RS = right side(s). Pillow has an envelope-style back flap closure.
Pillow sizes may vary; add 1" to length & width for cutting size. 1/2" seam allowance used.

Fleece: 21"x55" front
21"x53" back
21"x11" flap

1. Turn under and stitch 1/2" on one 21" edge of back piece and flap.
2. RS up, lay the flap raw edge on top of one 21" edge of the front piece. Sew along the raw edge. Lay the back piece on top, RS of back and front facing, aligning non-sewn 21" edges. Pin and stitch the 21" edge and the long sides.
3. Turn RS out and insert pillow form.

NOTE: Some fleece stretches more than others so adjustments may be necessary. A serger or machine stretch stitch is recommended for some fleece.

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