Floral Arrangement in Small Lantern
ITEM # 2779514P83
Floral Arrangement in Small Lantern
ITEM # 2779514P83



  • Small lantern
  • 2 fuchsia large dahlia stems (2)
  • Small flowers stem
  • Black Magic® rose sprays (2)
  • Green berries bush
  • Charisma® lemon leaf spray stems (4)
  • Black Touch of Nature® feather stems
  • 1 Pkg. cloth-covered stem wire
  • Small piece of Styrofoam®
  • Wire cutter
  • Glue gun/glue sticks


  1. Remove glass panel from door and left side of lantern. Wire door open.
  2. Glue Styrofoam® to inside floor.
  3. Trim 2 dahlias, leaving 4"-5" stem. Glue in place.
  4. Trim long stem of small flowers. Use tall piece for the high point. Add small cut piece low in front. Glue in place.
  5. Add trimmed black roses.
  6. Trim berry bush. Glue in place.
  7. Trim feathers and lemon leaf spray. Glue in place.

Craft an autumnal floral arrangement in a small lantern for your home or garden. Fall decorations are whimsical at JOANN's!