Happy Haunting Halloween Wreath
ITEM # 3165880P11
Happy Haunting Halloween Wreath
ITEM # 3165880P11
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  • Glow-in-the-Dark Sculpey® Clay:
    • Pumpkin Soufflé
    • Poppy Seed Soufflé
    • Key Lime Soufflé
    • Pesto Soufflé
    • Royality Soufflé
    • Jewelry wire cutter s & pilers
    • Scissors
    • Paints: black, white dark green, light orange & dark orange acrylic paint
    • Paintbrush
    • Clay conditioning machine
    • Ceramic tile
    • Sculpey® clay tool starter set
    • Sculpey® Super blades
    • Sculpey® Bake & Bond
    • Sculpey® Style and detail tool set
    • Toothpicks
    • Sculpey® glossy glaze
    • Glue gun or strong glue
    • 5" or 6" round grapevine wreath
    • Halloween ribbon
    • Brown & black 20 gauge wire
    • Brown wax twine
    • Alphabet stamps
    • Wood grain stamp
    • Black eye pins
    • .75 size Circle Metal Cutters Premo set
    • Ultra-fine black Sharpie™ marker
    • Ballpoint pen
    • 3-D white paint
    • 1-3/4" & 2-1/4" scalloped circle cuttters


      • 1. Designing the faux wood “Happy Haunting” sign
      • Take a piece of Pumpkin Soufflé clay big enough for the sign to be approx. 1-1/2" x 5" and run it through the clay conditioning machine on the #2 setting. Roll or stamp the piece of clay with the wood grain texture. Cut sign out 1" x 4-5/8" (Tip: make a paper template of signs to see what size works best with wreath design). Use super slicer to trim the ends and zigzag slicer to trim the top and bottom of sign. Stamp greeting “Happy haunting” on the sign. Use needle end point tool and make four holes in each corner of the sign. Once baked, use an ultra fine black sharpie or permanent black marker and color in the stamp letters. Dry brush a little black paint on the sign to create an aged look. Once dried, apply a coat of sculpey gloss varnish.

      • 2. Making the Spider:
      • Sculpt a 1/4" size tear drop shape of poppy seed (black) Soufflé clay with fingers. Take the 2 mm ball end style tool and make two eye sockets then fill with two glow in the dark eye balls. Roll out tiny pumpkin clay balls and place them around the back. Add even smaller key lime ball and place them in the center of each pumpkin ball shapes. Using a jewelry wire cutter, cut three 2" black (20 gauge) wire pieces and insert them straight into the spider side to make the legs. With a black eye pin (cut down if needed), apply some bake and bond and insert it into the backend of your spider. Once baked, trim with jewelry wire cutters and bend with wire pliers. Dips end of legs in orange paint. Paint black eyes and white fangs on spider.

      • 3. Making Eyeballs:
      • Roll a 1/4" ball of glow in the dark clay. Mix a small amount of key lime & pesto together and make a 1/8" ball. Make a very small pesto ball. Take glow in the dark ball and press down so it doesn’t roll. Press 1/8" ball on the center of the ¼” ball. Use needle end point tool and create lines around on the eye ball then add the pesto ball in the center. Repeat steps to create 2- 3 more eyeballs for wreath. Once Baked, Add white paint highlights with a toothpick.

      • 4. Making the Skull:
      • Create a 3/4" size glow in the dark oval skull shape. Use the 12 mm ball end stylus to create the cheekbone areas. Take the 6 mm ball end style to make the eye sockets and 2 mm ball end styles to make the mouth. Use one of the corners of letter stamps to make a triangle nose indent. Fill the eye sockets with small poppy seed balls then on top of that, small pesto and then add a smaller poppy balls. Take black eye pin (cut down if needed) and apply some bake and bond and insert it into the back end of skull. Once baked, paint nose and mouth hole with black paint add white highlights to the eyes.

      • 5. Making the Ghost:
      • Take a piece of glow in the dark clay big enough for a circle 2" round and run it through the clay-conditioning machine on the #4 setting. Take 1-3/4" scalloped circle cutter and cut out the circle. Take a toothpick and 1/2" size piece of glow in the dark clay. Apply the clay to the end of the toothpick (so it looks like a Q-tip). Take scalloped circle and drape over that end of the clay piece toothpick. Use the 2mm ball end stylus tool to create two eyes. Once baked, paint the toothpick black and white stripes and black eyes.

      • 6. Making the Pumpkin:
      • Roll a pumpkin-like shape ½" high by 1" round out of glow-in-the-dark clay. Take the 6 mm ball end stylus tool and make a small hole on top of the pumpkin shape. Take clay knife and make lines from the top center to the bottom of the pumpkin. Take a 6mm ball end stylus tool and make two eye and mouth holes. Create the nose with the letter stamp just as for the skull nose.
      • Fill the mouth with a poppy ball and two pumpkin balls for the eyes followed by two smaller poppy balls. Take a piece of poppy clay and roll a 1/2 link steam and apply bake and bond in the hole on the top of the pumpkin and insert the black stem. Cut a small piece of black 20-gauge wire and wrap it around the end of the blunt tool to create a curly steam. Apply some bake and bond to the end and insert it into near the pumpkin stem. Using a toothpick, apply bake and bond to one end and attach the pumpkin head. Once baked, paint the toothpick light and dark orange stripes, white highlights to the eyes.

      • 7. Making the Witch:
      • Hat: Take a piece of poppy seed (black) soufflé clay and run it through the clay-conditioning machine on the #3 setting. Cut out a 3/4” circle with metal circle cutter. Create a small indent with your 12mm ball end stylus in the middle of the circle. Set aside.
      • Make two pumpkin color balls and two poppy seed color balls from big 1/4" to small 1/16". Stack the balls large to small starting with the pumpkin color then poppy seed then pumpkin and finally the smallest poppy seed. Press gently together with your fingers to combine the balls and place it on to the poppy seed circle base to form witch’s hat. Face: Take a 1/4 piece of the pesto and key lime soufflé clay and mix together. Blend it enough leaving swirls of each color showing through. Start rolling and sculpting an oval shape head approx. 2" long all while pulling the center of the clay to form the witch’s nose and wart. Use 12mm ball end stylus to create eye sockets and clay knife to carve out a mouth. Blend and roll out two small balls of pesto and poppy seed clay and use the 6mm ball end stylus to blend in eye sockets.Roll two small glow in the dark balls and add them to the eyes (Tip: Check the back of pens and markers to use as unique stamps for the clay.) The back of a Papermate® pen was used hereto create the eyeballs for the witch.
      • Hair: Take a piece of Royalty soufflé clay and run it through the clay conditioning machine on the #4 setting. Cut out a 2-1/4" scalloped circle with your cutter. Apply it to the top of the witch’s head. Trim any excess clay with the super slicer. Then take the scalloped circle cutter and make a wavy texture on the hair. Sculpt out two 1/2" tear drop shapes with little bends at the ends with your fingers to create pigtails with the Royalty clay. Take the wire cutters and cute two small piece of black wire and apply bake and bond glue to the ends and insert it half way on the sides of the witch’s head and insert the pigtails.
      • Attaching the hat: Cut a toothpick with wire cutters and insert it in the middle of her head (where her hat will be placed). Apply bake and bond to the bottom to the hat and place it onto the toothpick.
      • Apply some Bake and Bond to two black eyelets (cut down if necessary) and insert them into the bottom of the witch’s head.
      • Place onto the ceramic tile and bake pieces in an oven according to the manufacturers instructions on the packaging.
      • Allow to cool.

      • 8. Painting:
      • Paint the inside of the mouth, center of eyes and eyebrows black. Apply some dark green and black paint around the eyes. Dry brush (which means paint on your brush with little to no water added) light green to highlight areas of the face. Use 3-D white paint to make a few teeth. Brush on a coat of glossy varnish to the witch’s hat and around her eyes only.

      • 9. Assembling the Wreath:
      • Once all pieces are sculpted, baked, painted and varnished construct the wreath.
      • Attaching the witch: Take a piece of the brown 20 gauge wire and feed it threw the eye pin on the bottom of the witch and twist and wrap around the wreath.
      • Do the same for the skull.
      • Use brown wax twine to attached the sign and the spider.
      • Insert the Pumpkin and the ghost into the wreath.
      • Glue eyeballs where needed.
      • Get a piece of decorative ribbon and tie it to the top of the wreath.