Hot Glue Stamps

by JOANN |

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  • Craft Plywood, 1/4", 3"x5"
  • Band Saw or Scroll Saw, to cut Plywood
  • Sandpaper, fine, 1 sheet
  • Graphite Paper, Black, 1 sheet
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue, 1 stick
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Chip Brush, 1", 1
  • Brayer or Foam Brush, 1"
  • Acrylic Paint or Ink
  • Flat surface to roll out paint or ink, palette if using foam brush
  • Material to be printed, paper, fabric


  1. Cut out pattern on outside lines.
  2. Cut plywood to 3"x5". Lightly sand edges of wood.
  3. Cut a 3"x5" piece of Graphite Paper. Lay ink side down on top of the plywood. Lay pattern on top. Use pencil to trace pattern. Remove papers.
  4. Use ruler to correct the lines of the geometric design, to lay square on the rectangle of plywood.
  5. Apply hot glue to pattern. When hot glue is dry, brush over the pattern with the Chip brush to remove any wispy strings of hot glue.
  6. Use a thin coat of paint or ink on a brayer, or a foam brush, to apply color to the top surface of hot glue on the stamp. Press the stamp onto surface to be printed.


  • Turn the wood to pull the strokes of glue in the direction that is easiest.

  • Straight line pattern: Apply glue to all the lines that are horizontal. Turn the wood then apply all the vertical lines.
  • Heat from a hairdryer applied to the finished stamp is an alternate method to remove any wispy strings of hot glue.

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