How To Make A cuff bracelet
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How To Make A cuff bracelet
ITEM # 2279513P172
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Crafting Time:
Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:



  • ImpressArt®:
    • Bracelet bending bar
    • 3/8" aluminum bracelet blank
    • Newsprint letter stamps
    • Ergo-Angle™ hammer
    • Steel bench block
    • Stamp enamel
    • Polishing cloth
    • Cotton swab
    • Masking tape
    • Pen or marker


    1. Remove the plastic covering from one side of the bracelet blank.
    2. Secure the bracelet blank to the steel block using masking tape.
    3. Place a piece of tape just below the center of the blank. When stamping, align the bottom of the letter with the top of the tape.
    4. Find the center of the blank and use a pen or a marker to write out the word or phrase to stamp on the piece of tape.
    5. Stamp a word, saying or quote of choice on the bracelet blank. If the stamp has an ImpressArt® logo, make sure it is up to ensure that the letter is stamped in the right direction. Place the stamp on the stamping blank so that the bottom of the letter is aligned with the top of the tape. Hold the letter stamp at a 90-degree angle to the stamping blank. Strike the stamp with the Ergo-Angle™ hammer once with medium force. Repeat for each letter.
    6. Remove all of the tape.
    7. Use the bracelet bending bar to bend the blank into a cuff shape. Place the end of the bracelet blank into the bending bar face-up. Holding the end securely with one hand, bend the blank around the bar using the other hand. Repeat on the other side of the cuff.
    8. Highlight letters with stamp enamel. Cover the stamped impression with stamp enamel. Use the cotton swab to ensure the enamel completely covers the impression. Wait 10-20 seconds. Blot with a soft cloth. Wipe away the excess stamp enamel with a soft cloth.
    9. Buff the bracelet with a polishing cloth.