How To Make A Love Bar Necklace
ITEM # 2279513P173
How To Make A Love Bar Necklace
ITEM # 2279513P173



  • ImpressArt®:
    • Personal Impressions Gold Bar Necklace
    • Sans serif letter stamps 1.5mm
    • Ergo-Angle™ hammer
    • Simple Strike Jig 3mm
    • Steel bench block
    • Two pairs of chain-nose pliers


    1. Place the stamping blank on the steel bench block.
    2. Stamp the word “LOVE” beginning with the letter “E” on the right. Place the “E” letter stamp in the stamp jig. Place the stamp jig on the steel block so that the stamp is centered on the stamping blank on the right side next the pre-drilled hole. Grasp the stamp jig firmly with thumb and index finger. Make sure that the stamp is touching the stamping blank. Strike the stamp with the Ergo-Angle™ hammer once with medium force.
    3. Continue to stamp the word “LOVE” backwards, moving to the left.
    4. Open the jump rings. Grasp the ends of the jump ring with the pliers. Move the ends laterally, pulling one end toward you while pushing the other end away, to open the jump ring.
    5. Slide the stamped blank onto the jump rings.
    6. Close the jump rings by grasping the ends of the jump rings with the chain-nose pliers. Move the ends laterally past each other several times. Bring the ends together. There will be a “click” when the ends are touching one another without space.