How To Make An Always Necklace
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How To Make An Always Necklace
ITEM # 2279513P175
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Crafting Time:
Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:



  • ImpressArt®:
    • Two Pewter Rectangles with Heart Stamping Blanks
    • Juniper letter stamps
    • Juniper number stamps
    • Ergo-Angle™ hammer
    • Steel bench block
    • Stamp enamel
    • Stamp straight tape
    • Cotton swab
    • Two pairs of chain-nose pliers
    • Jump rings
    • Chain
    • Nail or awl


    1. Place one pewter stamping blank on the steel bench block.
    2. Stamp the word “ALWAYS” beginning with the letter “A” directly below the predrilled hole. If the stamp has an ImpressArt® logo, make sure it is facing up to ensure that the letter is stamped in the right direction. Hold the letter stamp at a 90-degree angle to the stamping blank. Strike the stamp with the Ergo-Angle™ hammer once with medium force. Repeat for each letter moving down the stamping blank.
    3. Secure the second pewter stamping blank to the steel block using stamp straight tape. Place the tape horizontally, slightly below center, on the stamping blank.
    4. Find the center of the blank and mark it on the tape.
    5. Stamp one of the middle numbers to the left of the center mark and the other to the right of the mark.
    6. Continue to stamp the date, moving to the left then the right. Use a nail or an awl to stamp the dots.
    7. Cover the stamped impressions with stamp enamel. Use the cotton swab to ensure the enamel completely covers the impression. Wait 10-20 seconds. Wipe away the excess stamp enamel with a soft cloth.
    8. Attach the stamped blanks to the chain with jump rings using two pairs of chain-nose pliers. Grasp the ends of the jump ring with the pliers. Move the ends laterally, pulling one end one way while pushing the other end the opposite way to open the jump ring.
    9. Slide the stamped blank on jump ring and the jump ring onto the chain.
    10. Close the jump ring by grasping the ends of the jump rings with the chain-nose pliers. Move the ends laterally past each other several times. Bring the ends together. There will be a “click” when the ends are touching one another without space.