Mason Jar Love Birds

By Beckie Farrant

Hello creative friends. Can you believe Valentine’s Day is right around the corner? Wasn’t Christmas yesterday? Now while I am not a huge seasonal decorator, I love thinking outside the box to come up with decor that fits with the season but can also be left out year round.  This love birds mason jar fits the bill and is super easy to make! Supplies: ● large mouth mason ja...


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Jan 27, 2016 0 Comments


Upcycled Typewriter Table

By Beckie Farrant

Why is it that summer flies by and winter lingers on here in the Midwest?  I am grasping tightly to summer but it is slipping through my fingers. So in an effort to make sure I am not a crazy woman running around a day before school starts trying to get my life in order, I am starting a little pre-school organization. One of the areas in our new-ish house that drove my kid...


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Jul 28, 2015 0 Comments

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