Lightning Bugs

by Cousin |

Item # 1853865P154
Intermediate Under 1 Hour


  • Cousin& Pearlized Pony Beads (1 pk)
  • Plastic Easter eggs (2 pc)
  • Movable plastic eyes (4 pc)
  • Chenille stems (6 pc)
  • LED votive candle (2 pc)
  • Glue
  • Bead reamer
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard or thick mat


1. Lay the longer portion of the egg onto a thick piece of cardboard or a thick mat to preserve the counter surface. Using the bead reamer, puncture 4 holes into the side of the egg. The set of holes farther in along the egg have a shorter distance between them. These holes are where the legs will be located. Puncture 2 holes into the shorter side of the other half of the egg. This is also for the legs.
2. Turn the longer egg and puncture four holes in a line, starting approximately 1/4“ from the edge of the egg. This is where the wings will attach. These holes should line up across from previous holes.
3. Turn the shorter egg and puncture 2 holes in a line approximately 1/4“ from the edge of the egg. This is where the antenna will attach, lining up with the wings of the longer half of the egg. These holes should line up across from the previous holes.
4. Cut a 6“ length of pipe cleaner. Thread the pipe cleaner down into the first hole from Step 3 and back out of the second hole. Curl the edges out and under. This is the antenna.
5. Cut (3) 4“ lengths of bright colored pipe cleaner. Thread a pipe cleaner down into a set of holes from step 1 and back out. Repeat for the second set of holes and again for the set of holes on the shorter egg half. Curl the legs outward, up and in.
6. Thread a full length of pipe cleaner from inside an end hole (from step 2), keeping a 1“ tail inside of the egg half. Thread 13 pony beads onto the pipe cleaner then bring it back down through a hole. Bring the pipe cleaner back up through the next hole and thread on 13 pony beads. Bring the pipe cleaner back down into the egg and trim the wire, leaving a 1“ tail. Curve the beaded pipe cleaners into rounded wing shapes.
7. Using glue, adhere two large moving eye balls to the end of the shorter egg, just below the antenna, and let the glue dry completely.
8. Insert the “flame“ end of the battery operated tea light into the larger end of the egg.

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