Men's Medieval Costume
ITEM # 2779514P99
Men's Medieval Costume
ITEM # 2779514P99



  • Sewing machine
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Refer to pattern for fabric and notions
  • Pattern: Simplicity 1552  View C

While the pattern envelope suggests particular fabrics, evaluate the look you want and buy fabric and trim accordingly.  Have fun with your choices, make it your own, there are no rules!

General Fabric Selection Tips

  • Keep in mind the many different characteristics of the fabric needed for the costume including:  light, stiff, flexible, shiny, rugged, furry, embellished

Exterior Coat

  • Selected synthetic suede to achieve desired look
  • Tip: If the suede is a light weight fabric apply fusible interfacing to the back of the suede to give it body

Interior Jacket

  • Selected home decor fabric with the same textural design as the pattern envelope. 
  • Tip: Wash the fabric ahead of time to let any shrinkage occur prior to cutting the fabric.  Line drying recommended

Fur: Boots, Collar, Trim

  • Use stiff fur so it will maintain the shape of that garment piece, particularly on the boots.
  • Tip: If using soft fur you will would need additional interfacing on the back to provide the stiffness needed


  • Cosplay by Yaya Han Military Faux Leather Fabric was used due to the fabric detailing. The fabric looks like stiff leather, but handles well to sew


Become a swashbuckling hero of yore with a DIY Men's Medieval Costume. Learn to craft fun fall projects at JOANN's!